What is SEO and How to Choose the Best SEO Plan Suited to You?

what is seo?
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Search Engine Optimization is the process of developing your website to make it more visible. In contrast, your target audience searches for the product or service concerned in Google, Bing, and other search engines. SEO is the only possible way for your website to draw attention and engage the audience in your business.

One can even consider it to enrich the quality and quantity of traffic to a specific website through organic search engine results. 

what is seo
Search Engine Optimization

If you are new to these terms, let us break down the definition for you to comprehend it in a better way. Let us really get into what is SEO.

When focusing on SEO, it’s significant for you to learn the importance of ‘quality traffic.’ The main goal of your site should be to attract visitors who are generally interested in investing in your services or products.

Second, quantity and quality are co-related. Once you have captivated the attention of the right audience, the amount of traffic will enhance.

Your website will land in a better situation with the gradual increase in traffic. That is the reason why monthly SEO packages are crucial. Have you ever thought about organic results?

There are different sources of traffic. Direct Traffic, Organic Traffic, Paid Search Traffic, Social Traffic, Email Traffic, Referral Traffic, etc.

What is Organic Traffic?

Let us now understand the concept of organic traffic. Traffic directly coming to your website from a search engine without being influenced by advertisements is known as organic traffic. How can you get organic traffic?

There are two popular methods through which you can get organic traffic to your website. You can develop organic traffic by improving the rank of your website on search engine result pages. When your site ranks higher in searches related to your company, you will witness organic traffic. 

what is seo
Organic Traffic

Second, search engine optimization also plays a crucial role in generating organic traffic.

Your sites should be optimized for search engines so that they can conquer a higher position for those search terms that your target audiences are typing into Google or in any other search engine. Choose SEO service packages to get hold of all these benefits. 

Organic And Direct Traffic

What is the difference between organic and direct traffic? 

The user’s intent is a major difference while mentioning organic and direct traffic. If your page attracts direct traffic, it means whether the page contains issues that need fixing or the website has sufficient brand awareness in the concerned industry.

On the other hand, high organic traffic means that you are investing in improving the quality of your digital presence, which is eventually driving more traffic to your website. 

As a marketer or website owner, learning and comprehending the difference between direct and organic traffic is essential. It helps to understand the significance of Search Engine Optimization. 

Content Marketing And SEO Work Together To Be The Backbone Of Your Success

SEO and Content marketing are some of the most significant parts of digital marketing. SEO without content is like a body without the soul and vice-versa. We have already mentioned that it is a process of improving or remodeling the quality and quantity of traffic on your website and attracting maximum visitors to the website. 

On the other hand, content marketing focuses on producing the most applicable and profitable content to drive beneficial customers.

SEO and content marketing have been consequential in evolving the world of digital marketing. Every website requires blogs, articles, words, and keywords; here lies the purpose of content marketing around which SEO is formulated. 

content marketing
Content Marketing

Researching and finding relevant keywords and critically using them to acquire a higher position in the search engine result pages are the determining factors of SEO marketing.

Therefore, it is a belief that a website is balanced by SEO and content writing. Hunt for top websites and competitive keywords associated with the specific business or services you work with to rank better. It is always better to follow a strategy. 

Monthly services can guide you to walk on the right path, as you must know that repeating keywords harm SEO. Use a reasonable approach and target embedding keywords in the title and body section.

The quality of the content should be firm, unique, creative, and powerful enough to lure the minds of your customers, and at the same time, it should cater to their needs.

Your goal should be writing compelling content infused with necessary keywords targeting visitors. 

SEO is not only about writing blogs, articles, or inputting keywords. It is also about strengthening metadata, using tags appropriately, and optimizing robots.txt.

SEO and Traffic

What are the other essential factors of SEO?

Link building along with linkback is a major factor in SEO. When you choose to connect your links with high-domain authority sites like .edu and .org.

You also move a step forward in increasing your website’s traffic. Invest your efforts and time in creating quality expert content. SEO monthly packages can be the guide you need to complete the journey of marketing. 

link building
Link Building

One must know that content and SEO do not belong from different departments; they work hand-in-hand. Search Engine Optimization establishes successful strategies for content marketing. 

How Does SEO Work? 

Have you ever thought about the way SEO works? What is SEO really? The process is exciting. Google, Bing, or any search engine has a crawler that searches and gathers information from the content they find on the Internet.

The crawler builds an index, which later has to go through the algorithm to match all the data with the specific query. 

how seo works
How SEO works?

Choose the best service packages to apply the SEO techniques in your brand new or old website. It is important to mention that SEO algorithms are constantly developing, and tactics being dependent evolve with those changes. Hence, stay updated with the monthly SEO packages that feel quite right. 

The Different Types of SEO Strategies

People often consider SEO a very specific kind of optimization that involves inserting keywords in articles or blogs. That’s indeed a crucial part of it, but there is more to it which we would like to include here. 

There are different types of SEO strategies that one can use to gain traffic. 

On-Page SEO 

On-Page SEO is the most common thing we are familiar with as it includes all the necessary details that your audience will see when they visit your site. To be more precise, it means the content of your page. Hence, high-quality and informative content is always beneficial for the creation of an on-page SEO. 

on-page seo
On-page SEO

Your target should be to solve the problems of your audiences and provide top-notch content that can rank. Secondly, keywords are important when you are writing content on a specific topic. Also, it must include inter-related words that are applicable and optimize the keywords to push the website ranking. 

The story doesn’t end here. While working on an On-Page SEO, you must build a user-friendly website. People visiting your website should be able to find other additional information linked there. 

Off-Page SEO

Another significant aspect of SEO is link-building. Linking your sites can be a bit difficult but helps in attracting visitors. Also, it proves the fact that your content is valuable and the site is authoritative. Getting links from authentic sites can make a huge difference in your site’s ranking. 

off-page seo
Off-page SEO

One other thing you might not have known is that Social media is another off-page signal. If your content is impactful, people will talk about it on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.

Search engines consider it to be useful and let others know about it. Social media is way more powerful to procure huge traffic that can significantly improve your SEO. However, it also requires strong promotion to be successful on social media. 

Technical SEO

Often considered as a subset of On-Page and Technical SEO contributes to making the website work smoother. The speed at which your page is loading can determine the quality of your website. You may lose visitors if your page loads slowly, and the ranking algorithms might penalize you.

The goal of technical optimization is to make your website more engaging and even ensure that the site doesn’t comprise any broken or error codes, as such mistakes can poorly rank your website in the search engine result. 

technical seo
Technical SEO

Use a secure HTTPS connection, optimize images, upload detailed sitemaps, and check other technical issues to rank better. Monthly packages can advise you with all the necessary things expected for a better SEO. People often find Technical SEO intimidating, but all you need is a good experience to work in this field. 

For a beginner who has just started optimizing a site, focus on the on-page strategy for a while. However, if you want to boost your search rankings, learn and get acquainted with the different strategies.

On-page, Off-page, and Technical SEO strategies are a few of the most significant types that one must know.

No matter what kind of site you are ranking or who are your target audiences, in the end, you need to be aware of the multiple types of SEO to reach the top. 

How to Choose Monthly SEO Packages?

Monthly packages that are affordable and can positively affect the business plan are crucial for a business organization. We know different factors determine one’s choice of selecting a monthly plan. We have enlisted some of the elements while choosing monthly SEO packages. 

The SEO Provider Must Understand the Business Model and Client’s Business Objectives

The SEO provider should understand the client’s business properly. Also, it is the client’s responsibility to ask about business keywords and how the monthly service can positively impact their business organization. 


While choosing the SEO monthly package, one must be aware as most digital marketing agencies share keywords that are easy to rank on search engines. However, the benefit cannot be seen in terms of sales generation. 

Having a Digital Marketing Strategy for the Business

As a service provider, one must prepare and present a marketing plan that would apply appropriately to the client’s business model. It should highlight the fundamental responsibilities and activities delivered by the SEO provider along with the pricing.

digital marketing strategy
Digital Marketing

To receive the best benefits out of the monthly SEO packages, confirm the duties and activities of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. 

Comprehending the Content Marketing Plan

It is the sole responsibility of the SEO service provider to give a comprehensive idea about the content marketing plan that he would be accompanying. There should be complete transparency and efficiency in the work done. 

Knowing the link building practice

Link building is a principal component of the entire monthly SEO packages. Therefore, the client must understand the strategies of the SEO provider concerning link building. On the other hand, the SEO provider should understand the objectives of the business model and layout a marketing plan. 

Monthly SEO Plans and Services

Monthly Services usually work to enhance the ranking of your site in the search results. On-page optimization and off-page optimization like keyword targeting, link building, and content writing are significant features of most monthly SEO services.

However, before investing in a monthly service, it’s always better to compare the company’s plans and pricing, as this might help you avoid fake companies. 

seo planning
SEO Planning

Here are some of the best SEO monthly plans by our agency, one of the leading professional SEO consultants helping companies in their dreams of expansion by planning, implementing, and managing client’s overall SEO strategies.


SAMBlogs has three different monthly packages.

  • Silver Monthly Package starting at $250/month with 15 high-quality blog posts.
  • Gold Monthly Package starting at $460/month and includes 45 blog posts.
  • Platinum Monthly Package starting at $595/month with 45 blog posts.

Sign up now to know more about their SEO monthly packages. 

Implement Your Plans With SEO Service Packages

SEO is not only about search engines but also about the social promotion of your website. It will introduce you to the field of competition and will also assure that your services or products have more sales and customers. Therefore, with all the necessary precautions, select the essential SEO monthly plan. 

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