10 “SEO” Words To Delete Add Or Reconsider In The Web3 Era

10 seo words to delete add or reconsider in the web3 era
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SEO has traditionally been a bit of a mystery to the ordinary person regarding how it operates, how long it takes, and who the specialist is. And as we enter the Web3 Era, it has become a bit more complicated. SEO’s lexicon, terminology, and best practices are all evolving. Accordingly, the 10 SEO words to delete, add, or reconsider in the web3 era are mentioned below.

What “SEO” Words To Reconsider?

Keyword Density

According to Google, keyword density is not a significant ranking factor. We must abandon the idea that there exists an ideal level of keyword density.


When used correctly, link bait is one of the most potent link-building strategies that generate a significant amount of backlinks.

Link baiting

However, the sad fact is that, more often than not, even the strongest link bait fails.

Content is King

Although content is crucial for SEO, it cannot be the only factor. It doesn’t matter how well-curated your content is if your site isn’t correctly optimized.

What “SEO” Words To Add?

Digital Marketing

Success in digital marketing will undoubtedly result from consistent work on SEO. When referring to the techniques employed in SEO, the term “Digital Marketing” is preferable because it frequently covers everything that is crucial for SEO.

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Holistic SEO

Although this idea has been around for a while, it has more significance in modern society.

holistic seo
Holistic SEO

The continual commitment should be to take a holistic SEO strategy that considers all aspects of current best practices and technology.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has advanced significantly in recent years, even though it may sound like something from a sci-fi film. Furthermore, AI has several potential applications that could alter SEO and content marketing.

Featured Snippets

Snippets play an important role in SEO since they portray your website in the SERP and aid Google is positioning it at the top of the results list. It’s a decision made by Google’s algorithm based on how pertinent your content is to a search query.

What “SEO” Words To Delete?

Outbound Marketing

One of the most overworked terms on the Internet is “outbound marketing.” In its place, digital marketing is vital.

outbound marketing
Outbound Marketing

So, we must go on and attempt alternatives to outflow.

Toxicity Score

When it comes to giving this score relevance and importance, the industry has gone too far. For both SEOs and website owners alike, the concept of a “toxicity score” is deceptive.


Although storytelling has a lot to offer, it is only a method of creating valuable, interesting stuff. Once more, storytelling has become somewhat stale and should be removed from SEO algorithms as Google updates its ranking factors. 


The trendiest SEO words come and go as businesses and marketers begin to leverage Web3. You already have a lead if you are knowledgeable about all the words and appropriate SEO procedures. So, to transition to the Web3 Era, you must examine all of the SEO words described above.

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