7 Must-Have Elements Of An Exceptional Blog Post

7 must- have elements of an exceptional blog post
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We all have an idea of what we want to write to a blog post & make it exceptional but have little idea about the technicalities behind the work. There is a checklist of some specific elements that have the potential to make your blog post not only exceptional but successful also. 


A genius of a blog post arrives when the conventional elements meet the unconventional ideas. We are here working on making those elements known to all.

An intelligent headline:

That makes a reader go wow in their mind. A striking headline grabs the attention of the reader & invokes curiosity about the rest of the blog. Therefore it will be no understatement to say that a headline is the first & most important thing about a blog post will be no understatement.

An absorbing header image: 

Do you remember the last time you spent the few initial minutes of your reading captivated by a thought-provoking header image? You perhaps also went back after reading the whole blog to understand any hidden, deeper meaning behind that image- this is the power of an absorbing header image.

An Essential Theme: 

The theme of the blog post should not only be compelling but an essential one too. People choose to read a blog post that has any significance or resemblance to their lives. It is crucial to write more on relevant issues to score high on SERPs & the reading list of people.

The Related Sub-headings: 

The point of sub-headings is to branch out slightly from the main topic to explore all the related themes & also tied to the main heading. Subheadings increase the readability of the blog by breaking it into digestible sizes. This is also an opportunity for you to go creative & include related keywords for SEOs. 

An Attentive Introduction: 

After the headline & the header image, the pertinence of the introduction to a blog will decide whether the reader will continue reading. An introduction should sound aware of the issue mentioned in the blog. At the same time, it needs to include enough compelling facts or figures to intrigue the reader. 

The Aesthetic Graphics: 

The visually appealing graphics are turning out to be a game-changer in the cosmo of web content.

Graphics for blog

They can instantly increase the product value & make the content more engaging. People can consume more information in lesser time. It can also help you increase traffic to your blog post. 

The Target Keywords:

There will be some technical things to do about SEOs & targeted keywords. These keywords can increase the searchability & bandwidth of your blog post. It ensures that the blog reaches the maximum audience & stays relevant on the search engine result pages. Including the keywords in the right places is equally important. 

Most blog posts of value & popularity go through this rigor every time. It may seem like you have to take care of too many technicalities, but you will need to get a hold of this once. You can gradually bring your spontaneity & creativity to take the front seat in your blog post.

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