5 WordPress Plugins You Should Install Today!

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I am a big fan of wordpress and not to mention, I advice others to use this great blogging platform. I wont go into discussion like how its better than any other blogging platform. It has been discussed several times already. So if you are using wordpress for your blog or site, there are few great plugins which you must use to make your site a better site.


Hello Bar:

Starting from the top of your site, Hello Bar is one rare and free plugin which can be used at the top of your wordpress blog to grab Email ids from visitors. You can see it in action here on my blog. You just need to make an account at hello bar and then you can grab the code and paste it. Its simple and awesome.



I have been using Yoast (wordpress SEO by Yoast) from 4 years now. I have used other plugin of the same category and not to mention, Yoast is far better than any other plugin in this category. Its easy to use. Its easy to understand. And it works like charm.

You can decide your focus keywords, and customize your post URL, Title and description to optimize it for that keyword.


WP-Super Cache:

The more you blog, the more content you have on your blog. It can decrease your speed. WP-Super Cache is the perfect plugin for you to optimize the speed of your wordpress blog. Its a static caching plugin.


Contact Form by ContactUs:

You want your reader to have a way to contact you. Contact Form by ContactUs is the best plugin to do that. I am using this plugin on my contact me page. It works wonder.



This is the first plugin in this list which I am not using at present. I will switch to it sooner or later. This is one of the finest plugin to manage comments on your blog posts. It makes your life easy while you fight with spammers. You can stop “comments” thought it with just few clicks.

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