7 Essential Insights For SEO Client Reports

7 essential insights for seo client reports
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An SEO report may find a summary of SEO metrics that show how well your site is doing. Reports frequently include information on total organic traffic, conversions, backlinks, and the technical state of a website. However, you may alter the report to suit your objectives.

You may effectively explain to stakeholders, i.e., your employer or a client, the effect your SEO efforts have on their business via SEO reports.

seo report
SEO Report

However, there are a few drawbacks. Many SEO reports don’t provide the client with much information.

Any marketing manager or business owner should be able to utilize Google Analytics to view the statistics for their website. It is insufficient to send a monthly report detailing the traffic for the last 30 days and any associated conversions.

At a minimum, an SEO report should include

  • Progress made
  • The activities that have been initiated and their effect
  • Recommendations for boosting future growth. 

This article discusses essential insights to make your SEO client reports more powerful and impactful. 

 Executive Summary

The Executive Summary’s goal is to update the site’s SEO performance and how it relates to the client’s business goals. Pay attention to the performance metrics that matter most to the client. If they are not sure, then you can decide on some metrics that are important together. 

Include a rundown of events, what was successful, and any changes you’ll be making for the next month in light of new information. Alternatively, you might include any or all of these on different pages. The Executive Summary’s main objective is to explain ROI (Return on Investment) to your client.

Organic Traffic

For most consumers, increasing organic traffic would be one of the main reasons for hiring you. 

organic traffic
Organic Traffic

For organic searches, search impressions, and clicks for each page, check Google Search Console. You may also look at Google Analytics, where you can identify patterns in traffic and conversions and split your data based on organic traffic. These statistics are crucial since they represent the culmination of your efforts and serve as the foundation for the client’s business goals.

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Keyword Rankings

You should mention the site’s rankings for the keywords you think the client would value the most.

In the early phases of a campaign, when a site may not produce much more organic traffic than usual but rankings are rising, tracking keyword placements helps demonstrate progress.

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 Insights on Page Speed

You can utilize Google’s free feature, Page Speed Insights, to demonstrate to your clients how quickly their pages load and any potential performance problems they can resolve to improve their outcomes.

Link Metrics

By weighting variables like domain strength, page strength, anchor text, and total new/lost domains, link metrics across your website may help you estimate how important a link is.

link metrics
Link Metrics

Link metrics are crucial for consumers to comprehend how various links provide various values. Some customers will even request that their minimal link metrics be used for link development as a helpful indicator of which links are desirable.

Best Performing Pages 

SEO reports should always include best-performing pages, so your client knows what is and isn’t effective. Most of the time, there are lessons to be learned from successful sites that can be applied to struggling pages to increase and maintain traffic.

You may use the Landing Pages section of Google Analytics to extract data to support this.

For clients to appreciate the value of the present site architecture, they must be aware of the pages that perform the best. You may define the consumer journeys on your website that will lead to the greatest likelihood of commercial success.

Future Recommendations 

The SEO report should include your data analysis and practical recommendations in the last portion of the SEO report. Your advice and subsequent actions will use all the information you have gathered and include it into the strategy going ahead so that there is a workable method to address the flaws and optimize success.

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