Aftermath Of August 8 Google Outage

aftermath of august 8 google outage
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Google had a lousy outage on 8th august 2022, which affected search and maps. Publishers and SEOs of google reported problems with the search engine and their search index.

Even after resolving the problems, which seem to essentially, there were still many pockets reporting ongoing issues.

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People reported disruptions in rankings, and some users thought it was due to some of the updates to improve it.

Many users felt an unusual activity was happening, intervening in their capacity to work correctly in the daily routine. Some primary in key features dropped from 1st place to dropped directly to 10th.

disruptions in rankings
Disruptions in Rankings

It happened overnight. One day before this, everything was fine. After this, we saw that the keywords were going from the top positions to the bottom of 1st page.

The reason behind it is pretty apparent, the displayed URLs are not relevant. For example, the top ranking page for many commercial keywords got change (by Google) with a page almost the same as the other, making it look like a malware website.

The other thing which was quite noticeable was that using the, the indexed page dropped overnight from 230 to 169. Home pages were not showing anywhere in the local languages.

Users also reported many other issues, like lingering around on the platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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A spot that was left over by the mainstream media that was untouched. Many in the search community notify about the problems of indexing that came under the limelight.

  • Nihal PS prompts with a sigh that the google indexing issue SERPs has dramatically affected the high volatility among the users.

Marie Haynes tried to resolve the situation as the issue was getting resolved since the issue was more typical than before.

  • Dr. Marie Haynes indicates that the indexing issue got resolved with an average working sensation on the search engine.
  • Christian Randy, a customer with google, said his sales went a bit low in indexing, and he often received lower rank on it. After Mr. Randy imposed the heavy templates, it took 3-4 days to get on the business.

Google Apologises

The Guardian reported that a spokesman from Google acknowledged this issue as a software bug found in the update that went wrong unintentionally.

They explained that they were aware of the difficulty caused due to the software update causing the malfunction of google maps and other services from google.

Being apologetic in their response, they exclaimed that they were all OK and back to business with systems all working online.

Developers should resolve Google rankings and indexing issues now; if they haven’t, give it a little more time.


What next steps have google taken to improve the services?

Google looks after the work to improve the user working experience. They have a dedicated team performing research and development to prevent such outages.

Will google have such an outage again?

With the advent of new technologies, Google is more important daily. With new backup technology, they are tending themselves almost safe from any outage.

What is an alternative to google if it goes outage again?

Well, you can use bing search as an alternative.

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