How To See Google Search Results And Rankings For Different Locations

how to see google search results and rankings for different locations
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No matter how often you search for the same thing on Google, there will always be different suggestions depending on the location. Even if you are living right across the block when moving to another block, the suggestions for restaurants changes. This is a general query of many people. How a person can see google search results and rankings standing in different locations? We will see this in the article.

As per the SEO practices, you should focus on perfecting the Google search results page that will reach out to your target audience the most. Google search results are brought in based on the people’s search history, their device, and their existing location, so the version they are most likely to see varies depending on a few criteria.

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How Does Location Affect Searches And Rankings?

Google’s locating features are advanced as it utilizes various sources to calculate your exact location. The essential component is your device location, which any internet connection can confirm. Secondly, it pinpoints places around your device location. 

how does location affect searches and rankings
Affect of Location on Searches and Rankings

Bringing all these aspects together, Google suggests outputs that are solely based on your location. Furthermore, the search engine also determined the local searches made about the particular location. Hence, you can see why somebody living another block away will get search results that vary from yours. 

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Viewing Country-Level Google Searches

Because Google typically displays them by default, viewing nationwide search results from Google is the simplest. You always get the search results for the nation you are in if you haven’t changed Google’s search settings.

viewing country-level google searches
Viewing Country-Level Google Searches

One can easily fake their location through VPNs and alteration of Google settings. Hence, you can get suggestions for a different country while being in another. Similar to these, SEO tools can also be helpful. You can easily find the local SEO of a country through software like Rank Tracker, Semrush, etc. The best thing about SEO is that you can form searches in bulk. 

Viewing Street-Level Google Searches

The best place to be when operating any form of business is Google’s Local Pack. Since all searches are now made from mobile phones, a single Local Pack might occupy the whole results page on a smartphone.

Results from Maps and Local Pack are incredibly location-sensitive. Remember that at all times as you conduct your research. The search should be limited to a specific street address to ensure that your company appears in the appropriate locations within a city.


As you can see in the article, location plays a significant role in influencing one’s search results. As Google has a precise way to sort the aspects out, one can easily manipulate their location through VPNs, Google setting alterations, SEO tools, etc. Through one change, Google brings out preferences following the local searches, reviews, etc. So, you will have no trouble getting preferable results through these easy steps. 

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