10 Key Steps to Ranking Higher in Google Maps

10 key steps to ranking higher in google maps
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The Google Ranking:

Today there is a plethora of information available for one single search online Such availability of large information made it hard for us to get the exact information. So, we usually go for those websites and pages that are at the top of our result page after searching for that needed topic. The sequences we see on our result page are called the Google ranking system. Thus, the Google ranking system is responsible for sorting out the vast information and providing us with the most relevant information in a second.

Different factors are responsible for search algorithms to mark the information in the Google ranking system. Those factors are the word of query, expert sources, relevancy, locations, and setting. All those play their role depending on the nature of our query.

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The Google Maps Ranking:

Likewise, when we want information regarding some location, we go to Google Maps for help. In Google Maps, we see the sequence of places we are searching for. Such display of the sequence of searched information in Google Maps is called ranking in Google Maps. For instance, we are on vacation and need a restaurant to eat at. The first thing we will do is to look for a restaurant near us on Google Maps. Then Google Maps will display the sequence of available restaurants near us. Such a sequence of restaurants displayed by Google Maps is called Google Maps’ ranking.

The Need For Google Maps ranking:

Today numerous businesses are done online. To flourish and extend our business, we must have our business on the top ranking of Google and Google Maps. Moreover, many pieces of research show that Google Maps is the most preferred navigation app. Here, many consumers look only at the first few results of their search topics. Thus, we need to have a higher ranking in Google Maps.

Key Steps To Rank Higher In Google Maps:

By keeping the crucial need for higher ranking in mind, here are some key steps to earning a higher-ranking Google Maps.

Google Account And Business Listing:

The main step of ranking on Google Maps is to have a Google account and know our business listing on Google Maps. If we are not aware of our business listing, go for the option of ‘add a missing place’ and fill in our company name and other information.

Claim Your Google Maps Listing:

After filling in the information and verifying our business listing, we will click on the phrases ‘own this business?’ or claim this business. We will wait for confirmation.

Provide Contact Details:

The next step after getting confirmation of claiming ownership is the provision of contact details.

Provide Full Details:

The step of provision of full detailed information will follow after that previous step.

business name and address
Business name and address

Here we will take a step of proving information that will attract our consumers. Here with the precise and selected keyword, we will add the company’s operation, working hours, and other needed information.

Fill With Keywords:

The keywords play a huge role in increasing the ranking of our business. The keywords help us through the SEO of Google and Google Maps. Here if we are opening a restaurant, and we have not added the keyword restaurant. The SEO will not help us, and neither will be able to increase our ranking.

Add Images:

Adding images also helps in finding the location of our business. We should add pictures of logos locations, and nearby landmarks to our website. So, that it will be easier for a customer to locate the exact location.

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SEO Off And On-page Optimization:

A Search engine includes both on and off-page optimization. For off-page, we build a niche and local citations. We have to get those citations indexed by google and later on link it from our website. For on-page optimization, we require SSL certification installed. We should also be aware of making our websites mobile-friendly.

SEO Optimization Content:

The content of the page should be authoritative, full of keywords, and geotagged images. It should have at least links pointing at it with anchor text for the main keyword that we are trying to rank.

Get Social Signals:

Social signals are gaining importance for ranking higher on Google Maps. Social signals are sites where we share, likes, and overall social media appearance.

Get More Reviews:

Getting reviews helps in ranking on Google Maps. We can increase our reviews by Google Maps review by linking it to our business card and email signatures.

rank higher on google maps
Get Reviews

Summing Up:

The ranking on Google Maps is crucial for attracting customers and expansion of business. SEO plays an essential role in finding information. So, we need to keep the keywords and details our business attaches to our websites. Moreover, we should also be putting up the relevant images and be active with updates and customers’ reviews.

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