Which Is The Best Strategy For E-commerce: Off-Page or On-Page SEO?

which is the best strategy for e-commerce_ link building or on-page seo
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E-commerce business owners often wonder which SEO strategies they should be focusing on- off-page or on-page. All SEO techniques aim to improve the website’s ranking on a search results page to drive more website traffic and improve visibility.

On-page SEO Techniques 

They control all the elements which the viewer can see on your website. Be it blogs, About Us pages, or product category pages. 

These techniques help search engines index your website and the information you provide. According to the perceived usefulness of your page regarding a particular topic, the search engine will rank it.

on page seo
On-Page SEO

On-page SEO starts with creating high-quality content that satisfies the user’s search needs. In today’s day and age, information saturates us from all sides, and users look for unique and insightful content. Content truly is the King, and no amount of SEO techniques can save you if your content is lacking. 

For an e-commerce business, there is an additional requirement for offering high-quality and affordable products and services that satisfy the consumer’s needs. Even if your content is top-notch, your product and service will ultimately decide your success. 

Another aspect that you have to focus on is improving customer experience. Since there are no stores or personal interactions between buyer and seller, it becomes imperative for your customer to be satisfied with how your website performs. Easy navigation, completeness of information, good themes, chat support, etc., contribute to this user experience.

You can then use traditional on-page techniques like optimizing your title and headings using long and short tail keywords, using relevant images and videos, supplementing the images with alt text, and writing an informative meta text. Updating your content as and when required is also essential.

Off-page SEO Techniques 

These techniques focus on tools that the user can’t see but contribute to improving your site’s rank on the search results page. It includes promotions and building links. 

Building links means getting other websites to link your website in their content, and these links that you get are called backlinks. You can either build links organically- when users, reviewers, etc., like your product and recommend it without any influence. Or, you can build links by promoting your product, partnering with influencers in your industry, blogging, etc. 

off page seo and on page seo
Off-page SEO & On-page SEO

To get links, you must create content, products, and services worth being linked to. Off-page SEO strategies, therefore, piggyback on your on-page SEO strategies. When you combine this content with on-page SEO strategies, you increase your chances of building links.

Building links is one of the most significant ways of improving your page’s SEO. Acquiring large numbers of high-quality links signals to Google indexes that you provide meaningful content. As a result, your ranking improves on a search results page. Getting a backlink from a high-quality website is a noteworthy validation of your content. Do not run after getting many backlinks from low-quality or spam websites because they will hurt your ranking rather than improve it.

What You Should Do As An e-Commerce Business?

Now that you are aware of the difference between on-page SEO strategies and link building, and their relative importance in the SEO of your content, it’s time to decide which strategy is the best for you.


We always recommend businesses begin by providing exceptional products and services. Next, focus on improving the user experience. Combining these aspects will form the base for your SEO strategies. 

Put out quality content, which includes everything from your product title to informational blogs. Then begin with on-page SEO strategies and gradually start building backlinks.

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