Why Do Search Rankings Fluctuate? – Here Are The Possible Reasons!

search rankings fluctuate
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Do you ever wonder why do search rankings fluctuate so much? Evaluating search engine rankings, expecting a boost in the position regularly is counterproductive. Ranking perturbations are a common occurrence that should not aggravate your stress levels.

Building a stable keyword ranking is a complicated journey that can be tempestuous at times, according to SEO professionals.

search rankings fluctuate
search rankings fluctuate

If you validate rankings too frequently, you will be prone to spontaneous reactions that may sabotage your overarching content strategy. “Why are my rankings skyrocketing?”  a common question on the internet.

Is there anything bad about it?” will be frequently asked by regular content creators. The answer is a resounding NO!

Occasionally, most websites’ rankings fluctuate or fall. Every once in a while, the search engine will test something innovative in the SERPs or make changes to its heuristic, causing variations in ranking positions.

Other times, the advancement or SEO squads’ control what happens to a web dimension that destabilizes keyword rankings.

Identifying the nature of this radical volatility can help you feel more powerful. So let’s investigate and figure out what’s causes the rankings to go completely bonkers:

1. Revamping Of Google’s Algorithms

Google’s ranking algorithms undergo modifications regularly. As a result, even small adjustments in their coding can cause variations in specific keyword positions.

search rankings fluctuate
search rankings fluctuate

Furthermore, some broader algorithm improvements or running tests can occasionally send inexperienced SEO technicians into a craze. Thus, the search rankings get fluctuate and cause variations in ranking positions.

2. The Site Is Novel, As Is The Content.

When you are a new web publisher, Google will experiment with your material in a wide range of positions in the findings. Google even individually examines the website content to see how well it corresponds to a specific request. As a result, the fresh stuff is particularly susceptible to keyword ranking oscillations.

3. Search Engine Penalty Causes Search Rankings to Fluctuate

It is a no-brainer! You will be punished if you violate the rules. This is also one of the reasons for search rankings fluctuations.

Therefore, it is critical to follow the search engine rules when publishing content online, as combating the penalties can be labor intensive and can charge you your standings. Google will update you accordingly on your search console.

4. Hyped-up Competition Improves To Fluctuate

There is always the possibility that a new pertaining company will launch an online portal or that an existing venture will improve its marketing plan.

A successful SEO specialist will look at what your contenders are doing and then work hard to keep your webpage at the highest level of positioning. With a consistent SEO tactic, you can stay competitive and relevant despite trivial keyword ranking peaks and troughs.

5. Search Customization Boosts Search Rankings

Google tends to personalize your search based on your online activity and location. As a result, when you can for your website in the browser, you may get a range of outcomes.

search rankings fluctuate
search rankings fluctuate

It can make determining your ranking for your core demographic complicated and challenging, search rankings fluctuate due to improper search customization too.


When you bring in modification to your website, fluctuations are unavoidable, and, usually, there is no need to be concerned. Imbalances are reasonable with Google because it may be reviewing something latest or revising its methodologies, and it is fruitful to look at your leaderboard in the foreseeable future.

Don’t be concerned about a one-day or two-day shift high or low; instead, be anxious about patterns that last weeks or months.

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