Ahrefs Review – Is It The Best Tool For SEO?

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This article will broadly discuss all the significant features, advantages, and shortcomings and thus draw a comprehensive Ahrefs review.

ahrefs review
Ahrefs review

This case study of Ahref review is significant and relevant to all business owners, startups, or even individuals with a website. It will give them an obvious and precise answer about what tools or aids they can use for their SEO operations.

Sounds like too much show and no go?

Stick around till the end of this discussion to prove us wrong, and we bet you will not be able to.

What are Ahrefs?

To understand Ahrefs, we need to understand SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is where various methods improve the quality and quantity of a webpage or website.

Ahrefs review

One of these methods or tools is Ahref which can help in keyword research, rank tracking, competitor analysis, and site audits. This is very commonly used by marketing professionals, as this can help get higher rankings on various search engines, most popularly, Google. In this Ahrefs review, we’ll look at whether Ahrefs is the right tool for you.

Significant uses of Ahrefs

Ahref was launched in 2011 and, since then, has found significant use by companies and businesses. They study the SEO health of a website, keyword rankings, and the website’s link profile. 

Ahref can be used to find the content that has performed highly on a given subject in terms of the number of searches they have appeared in, the number of likes it is getting, and the content’s reach. Startups and small conglomerates commonly use Ahrefs very successfully to expand their businesses to new heights.

Also, Affiliate marketers, SEO agencies, and “in-house marketers” all use Ahrefs to grow and build on SEO strategy.

 ahrefs review
Ahrefs review

Due to the modern qualities Ahrefs possess, they are almost neck to neck with the class leaders now like Semrush and Moz pro.


In this Ahrefs review, we’ll explore the cost of Ahrefs. Much like Netflix or Prime, Ahrefs have various plans for users to choose from depending on their usage and benefits.

ahrefs review
Ahrefs review

The pricing for annual plans goes from $82 to $332 per month. In contrast, the monthly prices go from $99 to $999 per month. Again, like any other plan, long-term and bulk buying are seemingly cost-effective.

Although the similarity to prime stops at free trial, where Ahref does not provide one. Nonetheless, you get a nano plan for a 7-day trial for $7.

Ahrehfs vs competition

If the Ahrefs reviews by users are closely studied, and its features compare with the competition like slush and mush pro, we find that Ahrefs has just a slight edge over them.

The prices and tools used are very similar, but Ahrefs make the experience much faster, more convenient, usable, and effective.

In this Ahrefs review, we’ll explore the Important terms, backlink analysis, link interest so on.

Important Ahref terms

Ahrefs have a lot of complex terms which are not very self-explanatory. So, we will be discussing some of its most essential features in brief here.

  • Keyword difficulty– This is a statistic used to determine how quickly a specific keyword may be found on the first page of any Google search.
  • Traffic potential– This term calculates the users one will have to visit their site if they rank number 1 on that particular keyword.
  • Ahrefs Rank– This is the gross rank of a site’s link profile among users worldwide.
  • Anchors– A breakdown of the word that appears most in a site’s link profile.
  • Domain Rating– The ratings of a URL applied across an entire site.
  • Referring Domains– This measures the unique websites linked to the site one is looking at. The higher the Google ranking, the higher the amounts of referring domains of a page or site.

Let us look at the essential features of Ahrefs now, which make Ahref so relevant and helpful in the modern-day era.

Backlink Analysis

This is arguably the most important and most widely used feature of Ahrefs. This is used to find trash links or bugs in our website and can also be used to analyze a competitor’s backlinks.

After one has the full backlink report, we can put it to various uses. For example, we can use it to find important information like the pages that link both to one’s rival and themselves.

If you’re looking into SEO, you’ve probably heard of backlinks. Both of these ideas are linked. Backlinks are critical for increasing traffic to your site and ranking high in search engines, particularly Google.

ahrefs review
Ahrefs review

Therefore, we can also use it to get an idea of why some traffic wants to access your site. As a result, work directly to gain more and more of such traffic.

Link Intersect

This feature uses to determine a trend and help your site gain more traffic. For example, if more than one of a site links to more than one of your rivals, we can grasp that it has an affinity to websites in one’s niche.

As a result, if we can imitate a similar modus operandi of our rival to get our links, we can make them join us too.

 ahrefs review
Ahrefs review

This is one Ahref feature very few people know about.

Best buy links

The pages containing the most backlinks are the best buy links. This is one of the most valuable features of ahrefs

Keywords explorer

Basically, this tool lets users know how a ranking for a keyword works and how many people are searching for a keyword so that data can use to attract traffic to one’s particular website further.

As opposed to Semrush and Moz, Ahref does not entirely rely on the data of Google and uses a lot many more search engines to obtain the said data, hence enhancing the results.

Pros and cons of Ahref


1. Ahrefs give access to a much more comprehensive range of Seo tools needed for operation.

 2. It works in a very straightforward and user-friendly way.

3. Ahrefs procure data from several search engines, not only google like the rest of the competition does.


1. The certain drawback of Ahrefs is that it offers no free trial.

2. Even the top-end plan offers only one seat. 

3. There is no phone support available

 4. The link index is lesser than rivals too.


To put this discussion in retrospect, Ahrefs is the best tool available for SEO operations. It does the job comprehensively and seamlessly in a very user-friendly manner for most situations and users.

It can easily be used to grow organic traffic on one’s website. Ahrefs are very comprehensive and provide practical, useful, and seamless operations.

Although, the flaws are undeniable, too, like lack of free trial, limited customer service, ungenerous reporting limits, and just one seat.

In conclusion, despite its demerits, it is a tool to be reckoned with, and no website or user can deny that it is a fantastic package for SEO operations.

Now it depends on the user and business to gauge whether Ahrefs can be beneficial or not to them in the long run. Thanks for taking the time to read our Ahrefs review and guide! I hope that was beneficial to you.

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