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answer the public
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Answer the public is an essential SEO tool very commonly in use by creators and website owners. Answer the public reviews, and our insights in this article will clear all of your doubts about this tool, so buckle up and enjoy our Answer the public review!

Want to expand your business fast but are stuck on a budget? Answer the public might be just the thing for you.

answer the public


What Is Answer To The Public?

Answer the public is an automated autocomplete SEO tool that uses different variations of the keywords and identifies potential topics for content.

The results, separated based on the variations used to create them, are displayed to the users. They are further differentiation on the “whys” and “hows” stated in a downloadable

Image, which makes results easy to knit into a presentation.

Answer the public also shows suggestions based on prepositions like “versus,” “with,” and “without,” and alphabetical search adds letters to the query set initially. This lists the most common queries that use every letter.

So, it hears into autocomplete data from search engines like google and then cranks out the most useful phrases and the questions people ask around your keyword.

Thus, it is a goldmine consisting of consumer insights one can use to create fresh, beneficial products, content, and services. This is the kind of thing every customer desperately wants.

Seth Stephen-Davidowitz, former Google data scientist and author of the famous book “everybody lies,” has said, “Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche.”

Thus, the way Answer the public uses google to work makes it a vital SEO tool which can also be very evidently seen in Answer the public reviews by people on the internet.

Keyword research for SEO is one of the most basic and high-return operations.

answer the public

If the right keyword tools and research are use, the genuine potential customer is searching for and directed to the page through well-crafted ads and content. Thus, it helps improve the copy on one landing page and helps inform about one’s content strategy.

Gather keywords by finding out the questions one’s audience usually asks.

How To Optimize For Organic Traffic?

Use long-tail key phrases to grow one’s organic traffic. Let us consider “sales software,” for example. This keyword brings terms like “sales tracking software” and “sales management software.”

It would be more costly for all these keywords to do paid ads than to rank high on organic searches.

We can optimize the content in user guides and FAQ pages, landing pages, and google snippets using these keyword results.

Get Featured On Google Snippets.

When we type a question on google search, it sometimes shows excerpts of information gathered from other websites. That helps you quickly obtain the wanted information without opening each website individually.answer the public

The finest tool for discovering such questions is Answer the Public. If one’s brand featuring in a snippet, it can present you as an authority and provide exposure to audiences you want to target.

Increase landing Page Conversations

You can pull a customer to your site in the small-time window when they type a particular keyword in the search bar and think of which website link to go to for their Answer with a good question in your headline or description.

A landing page can be used to tell your ideal persona with tailored testimonials and content or tell a story related to the question asked about your service/product.

answer the public

It can also highlight how your solution solves the main challenge behind the question asked. 

Like any review, answer the public review is incomplete without the plans available for users to choose from. Let us have a look at the various programs available for the users,

Pricing – 

There are three plans to answer the public offers as of now,

  1. Monthly– This plan is for $99 per month with a host of pro-only features to build a winning content strategy. Upto 3 users can gain access, and you get unlimited searches with priority customer support. There are 5 search listening alerts and high-resolution images with CSV experts available. It compares data over time and hides branches and suggestions.
  2. Annual– This plan lets you save 20% with a fee of $79 per month with a whole stack of pro-only features. All the features of the monthly plan are available here with a use limit of upto 5 in this plan.
  3. Expert– This is the best Answer to the public plan for the teams who are all about tracking and monitoring their reputation or want to be on the bandwagon for content inspiration. Users get all the monthly and annual features, and the search listening alerts are upto 20 in this plan.answer the public

The finest benefit is that this plan allows unlimit users.

Pros and cons of Answer the public


1. Answer the public mine data from google to filter and display the queries users are entering the most.

2. Answer the public and performs searches based on various countries and languages.


1. It does not give the exact user keywords; just the relevant questions display.

2. Answer the public cannot export to excel or CSV.

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Integrating Answer the public as part of your strategy for keyword research.

The last word and conclusion from this comprehensive Answer to the public review is that this is not the “end all, be all” strategy for keyword research. It is a strong starting point for the question queries that can turn into organic traffic paid ads.answer the public

If used carefully by making the best of all the features available, you can have a well-rounded approach to searching for the right keywords.

Thus, it will help you get features in google’s feature snippets and manufacture attention-grabbing landing pages. Also, find more information about SEOQuake Review: Is It The Perfect SEO Tool? 

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