SEOQuake Review: Is It The Perfect SEO Tool? 

seoquake review
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It can be a confusing and stressful procedure if you’re just getting commenced with Search engine optimization, But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of working with SEO more efficiently and effectively. SEOquake is a complimentary internet plugin that enables you to examine analytics for every web page. Why is SEOquake the perfect SEO tool? Find out in this SEOquake review.

SEOQuake review
SEOQuake review

One of the great free SEO plugins is SEOquake. It’s a web extension that lets you execute website inspections, link evaluations, keyword analytics, and competition assessments without ever exiting your site.

The unique SEO browser plugin displays important SERP indicators for all webpages, such as Alexa Rank, Google Index, Likes on Facebook, SEMrush Rating statistics, and others. You can simply and rapidly get statistical information on any website at the touch of a mouse.

SEOQuake is a web extension that is simple to use and activate. The application logo will display on the upper right side of the screen once effectively downloaded. After starting, its color will shift from black and white to highly colorful shades.

SEOQuake Review

SEOquake is a must-have technology for site administrators that understand the value of content advertising. I can’t imagine starting a new article without first using this service. What sets SEOquake apart from other related services is its speed, and you may obtain all of the data you require about a website in a couple of moments.

seoquake review
SEOQuake review

SEOquake is a process that would have needed expert crew hours to complete just a few years back. With the press of a key, you may instantly do it yourself. Furthermore, SEOquake is accessible for free on all leading platforms.

Features of SEOQuake 

SEOquake is the only solution with all the capabilities you need to find out and all you need to know when it pertains to making the utmost out of your online advertising plan. You’ll get everything you need to optimize your site’s Seo rankings, from a complete inspection to evaluating the SERPs.


You may obtain an overview of any website you’re reading on the internet using the SEO bar. It’s a dynamic widget that you may customize to meet your needs, and you may easily switch it off if you don’t require it.

seoquake review
SEOQuake review

This allows you to quickly and easily assess landing sites you’re interested in.

SEO Dashboard

SEOquake provides an answer for you if you don’t wish to view the column at the head of your website.

Seoquake review
SEOQuake review

The SEO dashboard seems to be a lightbox that opens with a single tap. It provides a quick SEO analysis of the present site, covering page ranking, url, and hyperlinks.

Extensive Information

This SEO add-on exposes you to a wealth of information, like Alexa and Google rankings, Yahoo indexes, and SEMrush.

seoquake review
SEOQuake review

It enables you to choose between various trustworthy data suppliers, and Facebook stats and Twitter followers can view.

Keyword Evaluation

It is simple to obtain a complete analysis of the keyword existing on a site using the SEOquake add-on.

seoquake review
SEOQuake review

It allows you to see the number of occasions a keyword is used, where it can be viewed, and how concentrated and prominent it is. In addition, Filtering can be used to refine your search further.

Overlays for SERPs

You may receive a complete evaluation of all SERPs and download the findings in an a.csv file using SERP overlay.

SeoQuake review
SEOQuake review

Printing and Exporting

You can use the plugin to save all of your SEOquake information to an a.csv document.

Seoquake review
SEOQuake review
seoquake review
SEOQuake review

The exporting procedure is straightforward and rapid, and it also gives consumers the choice of printing.

Comparison of URLs and Domains

One feature that you won’t find in competing SEO programs is the ability to compare up to 15 URLs at once.

seoquake review
SEOQuaake Review

Now, compare your URL to that of your rivals, considering all variables, like hyperlinks and Google ranking. The findings can be exported in the shape of a document.

Audit of SEO

New search engines make it difficult to pinpoint the source of a webpage issue. However, you could use the SEO audit tool to examine the quality of your website and get a full diagnostic. With this function, you can find and repair all the problems at once.

SEOQuake Review: Pros

  • Compliant with a wide range of platforms, including Google, Safari, Firefox, and Opera.
  • It is equally compliant with mobile smartphones and functions correctly on them.
  • There is no cost for any data because SEOquake is a free tool that everyone may use.
  • Data is available within moments or with a single tap.
  • It reduces the need for several SEO services because it provides extensive data evaluation that is difficult to obtain from a unified platform.
  • Quickly learn about the SERPs and analyze them to prepare your content using SEOquake statistics.
  • Free exporting is accessible, which is quite handy for online advertising.
  • Covers numerous languages and is accessible in the eight most commonly spoken languages throughout the world. 

SEOQuake Review: Cons

  • Excessively useless info makes it stressful and eventually prevents the user from focusing on the important stuff.
  • Analytical precision is poor. Several times, the information presented is inaccurate, leading to incorrect conclusions.
  • Amateurs find it challenging to learn the plugin’s functions because there are no detailed lessons or guidelines accessible.
  • SEOquake gives information and statistics about a website; it does not reveal or recommend areas for modification in order to increase performance.


SEOquake is a browser add-on that does a quick SEO audit of websites. This plugin is available for download via online shops or straight from its website, and anybody can utilize it for free.

Summing Up

So this was our SEOquake review. It is a 100% free add-on that does not cost anything to its customers. While it is constantly being improved and expanded with new capabilities, it is possible that some SEOquake characteristics will only offer in the premium version.


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