SpyFu Review 2022 – Features, Pricing & More

spyFu review
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SpyFu was created in 2005. The digital platform offers keywords purchased by websites through Google Ads and keywords utilized in search engine results. The business also provides PPC and search traffic information on keywords and is used to estimate how much money websites spend on advertising. We will assist you in optimizing your SEO goals with practical tactics that work for your business and blog in this SpyFu review.

spyFu review
SpyFu Review

Its historical advertising expenditures also assist advertisers in projecting how much an advertising campaign will cost in the future. The core value proposition is to observe or “spy on” rivals’ keywords and enhance SEM and SEO tactics based on them. This article will talk about the SPyFu review for you all.

SpyFu bills itself as a comprehensive solution for domain and keyword analysis that does not depend on data-crunching dashboards. It is an excellent pick for smaller businesses who want to concentrate on the critical KPIs to get them to page one of Google.


They provide an SEO marketing suite, PPC analyzer, Historical data, Competitive analysis, Backlink outreach, Unlimited keyword & domain projects, Custom Reporting, and similar services.

Follow a PPC-Focused Workflow

Your Google Ads campaign needs its spotlight. Inside SpyFu, you may go across the essential PPC discoveries. Learn from the advertisements that your rivals have been trying for years.

spyFu review
SpyFu Review
  • Drive your paid keyword approach with tried-and-true data.
  • Find the paid keywords and ad expenditure history for any website.
  • Concentrate on major sets of keyword weaknesses and victories.
  • Drill down into specific areas such as ad copy and keyword groupings.
  • Use top-level highlights to choose where to conduct more investigation.

Increases SEO Efficiency

You may locate the most appealing SEO information about a domain starting here. Move beyond rankings and into the realm of strategy. Whereas the SEO Reports track rank gains and losses, this component of SEO Research prepares you for a content action plan.

spyFu review
SpyFu Review

Your best opportunities may come from an unexpected source. The first major rival that comes to mind is vital in your search marketing study, but don’t dismiss other powerful companies you may have overlooked.

Monitor SEO Rank Changes For Any Website, At Any Time. It’s similar to having Google Search Console, not just for your site but also for your competitors’. And, with exposure to 16 years of history in their tool, you’ll receive far more depth than you’ll find anywhere else.

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Keyword Research Tools

SpyFu’s keyword research tool is sophisticated enough to compete with competing SEO tools, and it includes a few patented features that set it apart from the competition.

spyFu review

The availability of historical data for all subscription options is a significant plus. Given the unpredictability of SEO ranking places, this longer-term view is particularly beneficial. There are additional filters that allow you to see only keywords that have recently grown or declined in ranking position, allowing you to take rapid action. 

Backlinks Analysis

SpyFu has long focused on keyword and competition analysis, but it now includes powerful backlink analysis capabilities.

The procedure is easy and straightforward from the first backlink import through blogger outreach. You may input a target term for your website, compare backlinks to rivals, and determine why your site is slipping behind.

spyFu review
SpyFu Review

From here, you may begin to create those identical linkages. SpyFu includes a handy function that pulls contact information for specified websites, saving you time from manually gathering this information. You may also provide comments and a grade for the relevancy of each available link. Consider it an updated version of the blogger outreach spreadsheet from the beginning.

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Top Lists and Domain Leads

Make your unique domain list. Filter results based on industry, geography, ad expenditure, search traffic, social media, and technology.

spyFu review
SpyFu Review

There is tons of info accessible about your rivals. They make every effort to provide you with information that you can use right away. This analysis assists you in determining a company’s online strengths and limitations so that you can plan your next steps.


The cheapest SpyFu bundle compares with competing SEO software companies’ entry-level offerings. Their Basic package costs $39 per month and, as stated on the SpyFu website, provides unrestricted access to search data.

Users who upgrade to the Professional level, which costs $79 per month, get access to extra reporting tools and also the SpyFu API.

Their Team plan costs $299 a month and includes up to five user logins and a significant increase in the number of keywords that users can access.

SpyFu Review

There are also significant reductions available right now for consumers who join up for an annual plan. If, for any reason, SpyFu fails to meet your expectations, or if you want to take your money – it doesn’t matter why – just let them know within the first 30 days.


Their data spans 7 billion results over 109 million domains. It provides visibility and insight into the top strategies employed by industry heavyweights and more relevant smaller competitors. They’ve done the legwork for people, allowing users to turn ideas into concrete plans and improve traffic and income from the start.

spyFu review
SpyFu Review
  • They Provide a diverse set of keyword search and management features at a reasonable price.
  • Get Detailed PPC/CPC and paid advertising stats, as well as interactive reporting
  • One Can track backlinks and provides continual site monitoring and endless search results.


The SpyFu interface is simple to use, often requiring only a domain name to activate. The layout is easy to understand at a glance, and users may focus on any metric by clicking on it.

SpyFu Review

However, the design lacks the refinement of rival companies, and there is also a restriction in the setup procedure in its help.

  • There is no web-wide crawling.
  • Ad analytics might be confusing for inexperienced SEO users.


Concluding this SpyFu review, It is a well-known name in the SEO industry owing to its extensive feature set, excellent reporting, and strong support in digital marketing and advertising. Although it may be a little complicated for newcomers. It is still a fantastic Editors’ Choice. SpyFu has progressed from a competitive study software to a complete SEO tools collection. Nonetheless, SpyFu provides enough data and unique analytics to be a valuable addition to any SEO toolbox. Hope you find this SpyFu review helpful.


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