Google released the Annual Search Spam Report

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According to Google’s annual search spam report, SpamBrain took six times more actions against spam sites. Google is the world’s most popular search engine. It was founded by two Ph.D. students of Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google is a search engine algorithm that ranks Web Pages by keywords, content, and how many other pages link to them.

Google patents this “Page Rank” algorithm in September 2001. Since then, Google has become the most popular search engine. The current estimate of the web surfing population is approximately 622 million in India, which will grow by 45% in the next 5 years. 

 annual search spam report.
Annual Search Spam Report.

While surfing the internet, you might have encountered various malicious sites, links, and advertisements. These carry you over some unsafe websites and blogs, hence leading to increase traffic over the server. These harmful links push over the internet in the form of spam by hackers to improve their ranking and performance in Google searches.

Many of them encounter Google AI; that’s why you receive the message “this website is unsafe” while surfing some unregistered sites. These malicious sites are prone to harmful content and misleading information and might steal your data.

Annual Search Spam Report:

The annual report summarizes Google’s achievement in erasing this spam and preventing users from encountering these threats. In the recently released Annual Search Spam Report, Google has introduced its AI Mod, Spam Brain, based on the Spam Identification system. This system took action on six instances of as many spam websites in 2021 as it did in 2020.

Identifying these websites, Google claims a 70% reduction in hacked spam and a 75% reduction in gibberish spam on rented platforms.

Google was capable of maintaining 99% search spam free by identifying websites with disruptive or malicious content. Analyzing the power of Machine Learning, the AI-based system Spam Brain has chosen to be implemented to eradicate, counter spam, and forestall abuse. This also includes identifying the website that has been hacked or seeped to install unethical recording software on a user’s computer. 

Another Area of progress had been in spotting senseless spam sites that include useless content enhanced with keywords.

Black Hat SEO and professionals use these unethical practices against search engines to enhance their page rankings.

annual search spam report.
Annual Search Spam Report.

While Google also prioritizes its user safety and security by dedicated quality search and enhancing the experience. It also aims to counter Link Spam, fraud, and Online Abuse by a spam update in the middle of this year. Allowing it to recognize unnatural links in various languages and filter them out of your result page.

To counter this malicious site, irregular traffic, and ranking manipulation Google has constantly been working to prove its worth. After becoming famous for the unethical techniques used by some sites to archaic its quality requirements. Google further took forward the agreement to provide a user-friendly environment. Even more, It also enhances the growth of safe search engines by improving their security and features. 

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