Moz Pro Review 2022: Features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing.

moz pro Review
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The SEO business owes a debt of gratitude to Moz. With its academic material, the business, which began as SEOMoz in 2004, catapulted SEO into the norm of branding. It also created industry-standard measurements that are still in demand now in executive offices. This Moz Pro review will assist you in determining whether or not Moz is the best SEO tool for your website.

Moz built a lot of SEO services to assist businesses in gaining more visitors as the advertising software sector boomed. As the marketplace turned towards end-to-end SEO tools that can cover anything from mechanical scanning to material administration, Moz found itself in a bind.

Additionally, Moz has doubled up on its Pro package of SEO products after a few ventures into social networking and content advertising.

Moz Pro Review

Moz Pro offers a full array of SEO services for smaller firms who wish to handle their organic traffic from a single platform. Because several Moz Pro features have a restrictive free version, freelancers would discover a great deal to like.

More prominent companies may choose to engage in a Moz Pro subscription to take advantage of the site’s unique tools, such as Keyword Explorer or Link Explorer. Therefore, as a whole, Moz Pro might lack the amount of information required to administer large sites.

Moz Pro offers the essentials of SEO. However, it focuses more on link analytics and keyword searching than professional SEO.

moz Review
Moz Pro Review

In this Moz Pro review, we’ll explore the features, Pros & Cons, and Pricing of Moz Pro.

Features of Moz Pro

Moz Pro comes with a plethora of functions, and the Moz features that distinguish it from the rest are listed here.

moz review
Moz Pro Review

Here are some of the best Moz Pro features:

Keyword Explorer

To begin with, Moz pro thrives in breaking down the complexities of the SEO world into easily consumable chunks for a wide readership.

This is something that Moz Keyword Explorer excels at in the often perplexing realm of keyword analysis. It analyses many SEO information and generates valuable statistics for advertisers. For instance, it displays the popularity of a search inquiry, the difficulty of ranking for the question, and various comparable searches to explore.

For every keyword you input, there is always a Priority rating. This aids in determining the keyword’s value to your company. A Priority rating of near 100/100 indicates a significant search frequency, good CTR (click-through ratio), and minimal competitors for the phrase.

You may change this by going to Moz’s My Score page and entering more information regarding your company. This determines if or not the keyword is relevant to your goods and facilities.

It’s a difficult task, and no factual statistic can quantify such a subjective concept, but it highlights Moz Pro’s commitment to learning whatever their clients need from an SEO service.

moz pro review
Moz Pro review

The Keyword Suggestions option is also quite helpful. It would extract a given keyword and suggest additional subjects to focus on, which you may add to the keyword collection and monitor over time. This program now has a more comprehensive data collection thanks to its 2018 takeover of STAT Search Analytics.

Link Explorer

Moz’s Link Explorer comprises a database of about 40 trillion connections, so you can be sure to get an in-depth look at your web’s link profiles.

This tool is excellent for keeping track of new connections and company searches, which can help you determine how well your website is performing in the search engines. This information also aids content creation and link marketing. Unlike SEMrush and SpyFu, Moz does not have unique link marketing management capabilities.

The Moz link-building package is simple to operate, although it has a higher education curve than Keyword Explorer for beginners. Moz has created a variety of unique measures, such as Domain Authority and Page Authority, that new clients might not be aware of.

These indicators show a domain’s and its web pages’ SEO “strength” depending on its popularity and credibility. In other words, a hyperlink from a higher credibility website will provide your page with greater SEO significance than a reference from a lesser authoritative site.

moz pro review
Moz pro review

Link Explorer is also useful for finding new links on competing websites. If a high-authority website connects to most of your rivals, they’ll probably relate to your article.

Website Crawl 

Any natural solid search optimization plan must start with basic SEO. Google can’t crawl nor process your data, and it can’t respond to customer requests with your sites.

The integrated site crawler in Moz Pro is excellent for rapid inspections and regular crawls. It doesn’t offer investigative information found in professional analytical SEO services, but that isn’t its goal.

A substantial amount of significant technical flaws, such as response code problems, absent title elements, and improper redirection, will be highlighted by Moz Pro Site Crawl. Because correcting these issues can result in significant enhancements in SEO results, the clients will benefit from this solution.

moz pro review
Moz pro review

Those who have never made technical SEO adjustments previously may appreciate the links to guidelines and recommendations that accompany several suggested improvements.

Custom reports 

It allows you to create and download customized reports for your site, including search results, backlinks, website crawl information, and SEO indicators.

Using Moz’s completely configurable report designs, including pre-generated tables and figures, you may save time on reports. You may also automate information delivery on a weekly or monthly schedule.

On-page optimization

Readers of your website must understand what the webpage they’ve arrived at is regarding and can quickly access the content they’re searching for.

On-page SEO provides you with step-by-step instructions. It optimizes your website’s material by using a prioritized set of suggestions with steps. Also, it aids in the identification of areas for development. It decides where to begin by categorizing your web pages according to its Page Optimization Score. Which measures how effectively every web page optimizes the keywords it is targeting.

moz pro review
Moz pro review

Next, in this Moz Pro review, we’ll take a look at the Pros & Cons.


  • Has a robust collection of services for performing in-depth SEO evaluation.
  • Fantastic resources for SERP analytics and site scanning.
  • Offers many of the most advanced SEO and website statistics.
  • Link explorer that is simple to use.
  • Customer service provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • There is presently no smartphone version offered.
  • A few other systems, such as AHREFs, are more affordable.
  • A few of the user interfaces may be less intuitive than rivals’.


To begin with, Moz Pro has four basic cost choices and the possibility of negotiating an Enterprise membership.

The Standard package costs $99 per month for one customer and is the most affordable. A basic SEO assessment will enable you to scan 100,000 web pages every week, enough for most small enterprises.

The $149/month Medium package for one person greatly expands the keyword searching and group restrictions. This membership allows you to monitor 5,000 keywords every month, contrasted to only 150 on the Standard package.

The Large membership costs $249 per month and includes three members. The Large plan increases the number of keyword listings from 30 to 60, with 750 keywords per listing, up from 30 on the Medium package. This makes it a fantastic choice for companies with various product ranges, particularly those operating in global regions.

moz pro review
Moz pro review

The Premium package, which costs $599 a month for 5 people and includes unlimited data, is the most expensive option. There is a dramatic rise in data restrictions for keywords, scanning, and links. This package also provides exposure to a much quicker professional SEO crawler.


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