Buying Backlinks For SEO: Yes, This Is Still A Thing

buying backlinks
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You may have heard that buying backlinks is a thing of the past, and its efficacy as an SEO tactic has expired. But you know what? Buying backlinks is still very much a thing, and it’s one of the best SEO tactics available.

Undoubtedly, there are certain risks. But if done right, buying backlinks can help you achieve your SEO goals and improve your search engine ranking.

In this blog post, you will know everything related to buying backlinks for SEO. Including why it works and how to do it without incurring any penalties.

What Are Backlinks?

The term backlink refers to an inbound link to a website or online page. A backlink would be any link that a webmaster receives from some other website in the context of basic link development. When another website links to its site or webpage, this is known as a backlink. The act of obtaining backlinks is referred to as link building.


A website’s position in search engine findings pages will increase with the number of backlinks it has (SERPs).

However, only some backlinks are created equal. Google and other search engines use algorithms to determine the backlink’s quality. A high-quality backlink usually comes from a popular, high-authority site. Conversely, a low-quality backlink is often one that comes from a spammy or low-authority site.

How Come People Purchase Backlinks?

There are many explanations for backlink purchases. The most common reason is to improve their search engine optimization (SEO). By buying backlinks, they can get more inbound links to their website, which helps them rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

buying backlinks

Another reason people buy backlinks is to increase their website’s traffic. 

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Ways To Purchase Backlinks

Purchasing backlinks is among the finest ways to obtain high-quality ones. Check out the few points listed below:

Look For Reputable Sources

There are numerous businesses that sell backlinks.

Always conduct thorough research before purchasing. Only go with reputable, well-established providers.

Select Higher Quality Rather Than Quantity

Always go for good-quality backlinks rather than poor-quality ones.

high quality backlinks

While trying to purchase backlinks, only buy links from trustworthy websites with better rankings.

There Is Value In Anchor Text

Ensure the anchor text on your purchase backlinks is appropriate to your website.

An anchor text is a phrase that appears whenever a link is clicked. So if you’re selling dog food, you want your anchor text to say something like ‘dog food’ or ‘best dog food’.

Make Sure The Links Are Permanent

Some companies offer “rental” links, meaning the link is only on your site for a certain period.

But you have to ensure that the links you buy are permanent so you get the possible benefit from them.

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Despite Google’s crackdown on paid links, buying backlinks is still an effective way to improve your site’s SEO. Just be sure to use a reputable link broker and avoid black-hat tactics like link farming.

However, it would help if you were careful about where you get your links from and ensured they are high quality.

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