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How We Increased Organic Traffic by 5X in 3 Months For a Korean Client?

Did you realize that SEO and substance techniques can support your organic traffic rapidly? In spite of prevalent thinking, SEO can help you increment your website traffic manifold inside a restricted time frame. We realized that since we have done it without anyone else’s help. We expanded our Korean client’s site by 5X in only three months. Most importantly, we

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Ranking an Indonesian Site in 3 Months

Its been 6 months, And I am seeing a big surge in Indonesian SEO market. I am getting 3-4 people asking for Search Engine optimization of Indonesian Language sites on weekly basis. No doubt, The SEO market has grown up a lot in last one year in Indonesia. The biggest Plus point with Indonesian people are, they are willing to

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Cracked A PPD Site in 40 Days!

Lately, I have been working on Kindle (link to my first ever kindle) and PPD sites. And day before yesterday, I cracked the code for one of my PPD site in plain 40 days. Lets go into details:   Domain: I bought this domain in Mid July 2014, though It did have great back links to back it up

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Penguin 2.1- Fight Back

According to Mutt Cutts Penguin 2.1 effected only 1% of search queries. But if I go by the data, I have in my serpbook , I see it has effected at least 10% of search queries. As I wrote in my last post ( read here ) , Its hard to conclude that whats working now and whats not, with

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a complete guide to the google penguin algorithm Update

hummingbird + Penguin 2.1 -Case 1

Okay, So SEO world went upside down in last couple of weeks. First Hummingbird and then Penguin 2.1. I was busy studying Hummingbird and before I could conclude something, Google gave us Penguin 2.1. According to Google, Hummingbird is a complete change of an Engine ( Algorithm) with some old parts still in it ( as those old parts were

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