Chrome Lighthouse 10 Improves PageSpeed Insights Scores For 90% Of The Pages 

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Chrome gifted its users, web developers, and marketers the most significant gift a few days back. It recently announced improvements in the Lighthouse 10 that benefit web page developers and general users. Several questions about this new digital upgrade might be circling your mind, and here’s everything you should know about the latest update.

chrome lighthouse 10 

The tool has removed the TTI score metrics and added new audits for better scoring of the web pages. 

But how will these changes help you? What are these audits and metrics? In this article, you will find answers to all your questions.  


Time To Interactive (TTI) is a google metric of Web performance. The measurement of the Time taken for a web page to become fully interactive and accessible to the users is known as TTI. It considers page loading, rendering, and network requests to assert when the page is interactable. TTI is typically used to measure user experience and page load times. 


Why The Change? 

Lighthouse 10 has announced the removal of TTI from its metric box. The official chrome blog has stated that instead of TTI, Lighthouse 10 will now focus more on the CSL (Cumulative Layout Shift)  

The team Lighthouse 10, asserted that this change would increase the overall score of the webpages since webpages tend to score better on CSL than TTI. 

Metrics like Speed index, Total blocking Time Together, and LCP work better than TTI. 

Effects Of This Change 

The removal of TTI is going to influence the webpage score positively. The developers said this reduction would change 90% of the web page. Those pages will witness enhancement in scores, and almost 50% of the web pages’ scores will upgrade to 5 points. This will benefit not only web developers but also marketers and SEO agencies. 

Google lighthouse

The Benefit Of The Change 

The new update will do miracles for marketers and SEO agencies. Experienced marketers know the importance of the Lighthouse 10 in digital marketing, and this improvement can grow their page and expand their audience base. 

New Audits 

Apart from the removal of the TTI metric, Lighthouse 10 has other surprises as well. It has also included new audits to improve the overall performance of Lighthouse 10. 

The new bfcache (back/forward cache) will increase the web page scores. This recent audit will restore a page almost instantly by skipping other loading activities. Now, you will not have to sit and wait for the page to restore, and you can quickly access the page by clicking the back/ forward icons. 


Q1. When will the new update be available? 

A1. The new Lighthouse 10 will be available on Chrome 112 on the 29th of March, 2023

Q2. What is Lighthouse 10? 

A2. Lighthouse 10 is a tool that improves webpages’ quality. This tool functions with the help of different audits, and marketers use lighthouse 10 for their web pages.  

Q3. What is the use of PageSpeed insight? 

A3. PageSpeed insights give user experience to web page developers, which helps the developer improve the traffic on the web page.


Lighthouse 10 encompasses many audits that work together to guide the developer to increase traffic to the web page. The recent update by the Lighthouse team will benefit not only the web page developers but also the users. As a result, users and marketers will widely use Lighthouse 10, uplifting the web page quality.  

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