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edit business profiles on google
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Recently Google has optimized its search option to edit business profiles on Google.

Giving its user more features & making the search engine more user-friendly, Google is offering some new additions to Google My Business. edit business profiles on google

What Are The Information Shared?

When your business shows in a search, this free tool allows you to share more information about it like

  • Business
  • images
  • Videos
  • phone numbers
  • business hours
  • A delivery area
  • Links to reservation services in addition to the URL and description.

In addition, a cover photo and extracts from Google Maps and Google Street View inform potential clients about what to expect when they visit for the first time.

A word of caution: Users can recommend changes to your profile, so double-check it for correctness frequently.google maps

Google now provides new options for companies to modify search content without leaving Search or Maps.

Now companies may add or amend additional facts such as contact information and hours and publish posts from Google Search to communicate updates.

Other features that Google is now offering without leaving search results.

Write A Post

Businesses can now write and publish Google Posts right from the SERPs, making it easier than before. In addition, Google My Business postings allow you to share information with searchers, such as special deals or new items.

In the coming weeks, Businesses can write posts about future events, including when and where they will occur.

Take Away & Accept Delivery Orders

Google allows restaurants to accept takeaway and delivery orders straight from their Google Search and Maps business profiles. In addition, by clicking on ”Edit profile,” businesses may add menu items to their profile from Search and Maps.

In the following weeks, these companies will immediately add and upgrade Google Search’s online buying capabilities. Moreover, when ordering via Google is activated, companies may express their purchase and delivery preferences to let customers know what works best.

Services Can Be Added Or Updated

Businesses that provide local services, such as construction, vehicle repair, or hair styling, can change their services and, if appropriate, the local regions they serve, using the ”Edit profile tab in Search.

With Pointy, Assist Customers In Finding Products

In addition to manually adding product information to company profiles through Search and Maps, qualified merchants may sign up for Pointy directly from Google Search and have all of their in-store product inventory instantly uploaded to their Business Profile.

Pointy is a Google product that automates the process of entering product information. Instead, companies may scan products in their actual shop and upload them to Google My Business, allowing customers to see what’s available.

pointy from google

Begin by entering into the Google account connected with your business to editing business profiles on Google.

You may then put your business name or ”my business” into Google Search, or go to Google Maps and touch your profile image followed by ”Your Business Profile.”


So, this was all about the new update by which you can edit business profiles on Google. I have covered everything you need to know about business profiles on Google.

If you have any further doubts or queries, leave them in the comments below. I would be glad to help you by solving them. Feel free to surf through our site to find more such content related to Google updates and much more. See you next time!

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