Five Proven Ways to Increase Your Google Rankings

five proven ways to increase your google rankings
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In today’s competitive world, it is vital for your website to stay on top of others. One way of doing this is by improving your website’s google ranking. Your website must appear on the first page of a Google results page for it to be noticed and have traffic on it. 

This article discusses five proven ways to increase your google rankings. 


The first and most crucial step for improving your Google rankings is ensuring that your content is relevant and authentic. Google searches for specific keywords. So, your rankings will improve if people generally get what they are searching for from your page. 

Data-driven articles can improve your traffic. Ensure that whatever you write is backed up by facts and information. Try to include numbers that are less than three years old. 


Make your headline or title clickable and shareable. Even if your site is the first on the google results page, it does not ensure that it will have the most traffic. To have more clicks, it’s necessary for your headlines to be attractive and catchy. 

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Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Having mobile-friendly increases the SEO value of your website. A webpage that is mobile-friendly ranks higher on a google search result page. Google prefers sites that have webpages that are aligned on both desktop and mobile platforms. 


Internal links are essential for boosting the SEO value of your site. Always have descriptive and informative links in your pages. This increases your search engine value. Hence, your google ranking rises. 

Instead of having “click here” links, add hyperlinks in your text itself. Links make your webpage more credible and authentic. 

Alt Tags

Describe your images and videos with alt tags and texts. They let search engines discover your site.

alt tags
Alt tags

This is essential, especially for users that use text-only browsers and screen readers. 

Be Knowledgeable of Google’s Algorithms And Updates

While Google does make announcements about its updates, information about its algorithm is relatively unknown. Most of the information available about its algorithm is speculation on behalf of industry experts. 

One source estimates that Google makes around five hundred to six hundred algorithm changes in a year.

google algorithm update
Google Algorithm Update

You can get information about Google’s algorithm changes in the form of the major updates that Google announces.

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If your motive is higher Google rankings then authentic and credible content is key. You should present your webpage in an exciting and reliable way. It is essential that you do adequate research to identify specific keywords and increase your SEO value. 

Keep regularly updating your site and adding relevant articles so that your Google rank remains high.

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