Where We Are Today With Google’s Mobile-First Index

where we are today with google’s mobile-first index
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Google announced its mobile-first index a few years ago. Since then, a lot of sites have shifted over to mobile-first indexing. Mobile phones have replaced other devices among the population. Therefore, it was important for Google to change its way of indexing. 

Let’s take a closer look at mobile-first indexing.

What Is Mobile-First Indexing?

Google’s announcement came as no surprise in an era where people prefer mobile phones over other devices. Mobile-first indexing uses the mobile version of the website for Google’s rankings and indexing. Also, it’s not scary as it sounds.

mobile first index
Mobile-First Indexing

Before this shift, Google had been using the desktop version of the site for ranking in search engines. But, the population mostly scrolls Google with mobile phones now. Hence, Google has shifted its factors for evaluation. 

To sum up, Google acknowledges the website’s mobile version over its desktop version now. 

What Is The Importance Of Mobile-First Indexing?

When someone searches for a service on their phone, chances are that they will check out the first few results that come up. If you want your business to show up as the first result, you need to prioritize indexing. 

Search engine rankings are vital for websites to survive. Indexing and ranking matter a lot in attracting customers. Also, it helps in increasing the popularity of the site. 

Mobile-first indexing might sound like a complicated task. But with the right set of tools, it is easy to master. It’s not going to be a concern for businesses that have created websites that are friendly to all platforms. But if your website is created differently for desktops and mobiles, you might need to reconsider. It might affect the way your website shows up in search engines. 

Marketers need to pay attention to indexing to stay relevant. Therefore, they should be well-versed with the techniques of Google’s Mobile-first Indexing. Google wants developers to ensure that users will have the same experience across various devices. 

Mobile-First Indexing Now

Mobiles have established their position over all other devices in the market. Also, it is highly unlikely that another device will get the same popularity as mobiles do. Hence, it is important to understand everything about Mobile-first Indexing. 

By 2022, Google has prioritized mobile-first indexing over everything else. As a result, websites that were launched after the announcement switched to mobile-first indexing. 

compatible to all platforms
Compatible To All Platforms

Smart marketers have already made cross-platform websites. These websites adjust themselves according to the device. Mobile-friendly websites are likely to attract more potential customers. 

Also, Google seems keen to prioritize mobiles in the future too. Hence, it is advisable for all websites to focus on creating mobile-friendly content.

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Creating a mobile-friendly website contributes significantly to the website’s visibility. Mobile-first indexing is not as hard as it sounds. And it is an important factor if you want to score well with ranking. 

Mobile-first indexing is the norm now. So if you want your business to grow, designers and developers should keep mobile-first indexing in mind.

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