Google Announces 5 New Top-Level Domains Including One For Lawyers

Google domains
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Nearly ten years have passed since top-level domains were introduced. Google is now releasing five parts for Early Access on May 3. These domains include—.dad, .foo, .mov, .nexus, .zip, .esq, .phd, and .prof. However, during the Early Access stage, it will be costlier to get them. Prices will drop daily, with the first few days being the most expensive. Google charges $14.99 for the first five and $29.99 for .esq, .phd, and .prof. It should align with what other registrars charge.

However, .zip, .mov, and .nexus are unavailable for purchase. These domain extensions can pose security issues and are often used to deliver malware and trojans. Always choose a domain extension that aligns with the website’s goals and branding. Selecting a reputable registrar with solid security and protection mechanisms is also essential.

The prices will drop in six phases. It will drop until the base price is $30 annually on 10/May/23. Any domains not taken before or on 9/May/23 will be available in General Availability from 10/May/2023. It is essential to consider the website’s objectives when choosing a domain, and selecting a reputable registrar with solid security and protection mechanisms is also necessary. You can check the availability of the domain and get support from Google at  

.esq Domain

The .esq domain is a new top-level domain by Google for law firms to purchase and show off their website’s purpose. The domain offers a unique online space for law firms to establish a more substantial online presence and communicate their expertise to users.


The .esq domain is available to register from May 3 and will drop in price in six phases until it reaches $30 per year on May 10. However, it’s essential to note that the .esq domain is subject to terms and restrictions, and the registrar of record is Google Domains.

 .dad Domain

The .dad domain is a new top-level domain by ICANN for fathers and father-related content. Fathers can create blogs, websites, and social media accounts specifically tailored to their interests and experiences as fathers.


Additionally, the .dad domain can help fathers improve their search engine optimization and provide them with more options for branding and marketing.

 .phd Domain

The .phd domain caters to individuals who have earned a Ph.D. degree. The .phd domain can be used to create a personal blog and provide study services to graduate students. It can also be for creating a community for intellectuals with like-minded interests.


The yearly registration fee for the .phd domain is USD 30. Google Domains is the registrar of record for the .phd domain.

 .prof Domain

The .prof domain is a top-level domain available for registration through Google Domains. The yearly registration fee for a .prof domain is USD 30. Google Domains offers various features for domain management, such as simplified domain management, billing history, and easy domain transfer.


Users can also enjoy benefits such as email forwarding, privacy protection, Google 2-Step Verification, and DNSSEs. 

 .foo Domain

The .foo domain is a top-level domain by Google for programming needs. The yearly registration fee for the .foo domain is USD 15. Google Domains serves as the official registrant for the .foo domain. As of nTLDStats, there are 33 registrations and 20 parked domains for the .foo domain.


There are no restrictions on the second-level domain name registrations for .foo. Google has committed to implementing robust and comprehensive measures for protecting intellectual property rights for the .foo domain.


The new domains put forward by Google are a breath of fresh air, and they are beneficial and necessary in this new age and time. With these, everyone can choose a domain according to their requirements.

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