Google April 2023 Reviews Update Focuses Heavily On Experience

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Google is continuously on its way to updating its algorithms so that its users get the best search experience like no other else. On 12th April 2023, Google released its April 2023 reviews update. This review update deliberately focuses on improving the user experience by prioritizing high-quality content that provides value to the readers. 

In addition to the update of the review, Google also unleashed its new central documentation of Google Search. The documentation provides a way to the content type for which the Review System Algorithm of Google looks. In the article, we will comprehend more about Google’s latest review update. 

Google’s Latest Reviews Update

Google’s new and latest documentation relies laboriously on the E-E-A-T quality paradigm. Google also calls it the Double E-EA-T paradigm. The introduction of this paradigm was done by Google in 2022. The Double E-EA-T paradigm is a new level of measuring the quality of the content. It displaces the E-A-T paradigm, i.e., Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. 

The new paradigm E-A-T paradigm includes an extra E which refers to Experience. The Google review System is looking for evidence of the experience. Some unreliable accounts add experience phrases to reviews caused by product review pages so that the SERP ranking of that webpage increases. 

The new documentation of Google clears that the standard for experience demonstration is much higher. It also stimulates publishers to show evidence of experience. 

Best Practices To Write High-Quality Reviews

Based on the recommendation of Google, here is a list of the best practices that will assist you in writing high-quality reviews. Additionally, these reviews will be easily discoverable by users on Google Search. The best practices that you should follow up on are:- 

  • Perform evaluation thinking that you are a user and contemplate which information will be most helpful to the users.
  • Present yourself as an expert on the subject matter, i.e., as a blogger, editorial member, or expert staff.
  • Deliver some evidence, such as audio, video, and image, or a link to showcase the review’s authenticity and show your experience with the product.
  • Share the quantitative measurement of the products to help the readers make the correct decision.
  • Bring out the product’s unique features and how it differentiates from its competitors.
  • Discuss the alternatives and other options for your products.
  • Reveal the advantages and drawbacks of the product.
  • Provide the links to additional resources and contemplate multiple sellers, etc.

Impact On The Languages

The latest reviews update lays its impact on the following languages:-

Feature Customer Reviews on website

Vietnamese, Polish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French, and Indonesian.


Google’s April 2023 Reviews Update has uplifted the bar of product reviews. However, Google releases review updates from month to month, and this review update has laid a steamed impact. Giving actual experience and evidence of the product is always recommended instead of giving fake ones.

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