Machine Learning Examples In The Real World (And For SEO)

Machine learning
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With the rising trends and dependency on technology, Machine learning is emerging as a more prominent one. It is so because today, we all rely on technology for some purpose. We all use machine learning knowingly or unknowingly when we use some technology. But despite using it, we do not know what Machine Learning examples are.


In this concise writing, you will come across the meaning of machine learning and its several examples in the real world and SEO. So, let’s start with understanding what machine learning means.

Meaning Of Machine Learning

As the name suggests, machine learning is a subcategory of Artificial Intelligence(AI) that makes the machine learn methods that improve its performance in executing tasks. Machine learning uses algorithms that are utilized in different applications for different purposes.

machine learning

There are four classifications of machine learning. The types include:-

  1. Reinforced learning.
  2. Supervised learning
  3. Unsupervised learning
  4. Semi-supervised learning

To get a clear idea of machine learning, let’s delve into a few examples of machine learning in the real world and SEO.

Examples Of Machine Learning In Real-World

There is a massive use of machine learning in today’s real world. Several illustrations of machine learning in the real world include:-

Image Recognition Through Machine Learning

image recognition


It is a well-known example of machine learning. For example, we use the technology of facial recognition as a technique to unlock our mobile phones and other devices. All this is possible on the strength of machine learning.

Speech Recognition


speech recognition machine learning

With machine learning, speech recognition is possible, as you can translate voice into text. Also, you can voice dial, search, and use voice recognition in devices such as Google Home, Alexa, etc.

Chatbots as Machine learning


chatbot through machine learning

Chatbots are also a machine learning example. You might have seen chatbots in different industries or applications that provide customer assistance to users depending on their queries. You can also use it for your content and SEO.

Email Filtering


email filtering

The automatic filtration of emails is also an example of machine learning. You might have noticed that you get emails depending on their type. You get spam emails under the spam folder, important emails under the inbox folder, etc.

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Google Translation



To translate a document from one language to another, you often use Google Translation, as it is the fastest and easiest way to translate documents. It is another area where there is the usage of machine learning.

Examples Of Machine Learning In SEO 

Other than in the real world, several machine learning applications in SEO exist. Several machine learning examples in SEO are:-

Checking The Content Quality

With machine learning, you can check the quality of your content and the necessary changes that should be done to improve the content quality. Also, they assist in giving valuable insights into your content.

Internal Linking 

Machine learning can also help you in your internal linking phase. It can identify and replace the broken link in your content with the appropriate one. Also, it assists in leveraging big data and equipping you with relevant internal links. 

Neutral language processing (NLP)

It is a way through which the computer detects the natural text. With machine learning in NLP, you can detect duplicate content and perform text generation, sentiment analysis, etc.


Machine learning is emerging as a game changer in technology and Artificial Intelligence. We all use machine learning in our day-to-day life but are unaware of it as we do not know about it. But it is the most popular technology and is just the beginning of machine learning in the real world and SEO. There is a much wider space for machine learning applications in different fields and industries shortly.

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