Google Algorithms and Updates Focused On User Experience: A Timeline

google algorithms and updates focused on user experience
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Given the competitive rivalry for SERP property investment from brand names. However, even minor drops in the situation will significantly affect traffic, earnings, and additions.

google algorithms and updates
Google Algorithms and Updates

In this article, I look at some (but not all) Google upgrades and technological advancements that reflect the search engine’s concentration on the human consumer and their internet users.

Important Google algorithm updates

Panda – February 2011

The Panda upgrade of 2011 was among the most significant Google algorithm changes in the last decade. As a matter of fact, this was Google’s approach to avoiding internet sites from top spots in user searches that have used black hat SEO strategies, spam, or content farming techniques.

Hummingbird – September 2013

The Hummingbird notification marked this tech group’s gradual transition toward answering user search terms with “things, not strings.” Hummingbird established the basis for human-like language handling and voice search by incorporating communicative search terms into the algorithm.

google hummingbird upgrade
Google Hummingbird Upgrade

July 2014 – Pigeon Pigeon expanded on Hummingbird’s information retrieval advancements by rewarding nearby companies with higher SERP rankings in exchange for a high organic existence.

RankBrain, October 2015

In 2015, RankBrain proceeded with Hummingbird’s intention to shift the search from “strings” to “items.”


Google’s mobile-first tradition continues well into 2016, following the success of Mobilegeddon the previous year.


They increased the mobile-friendliness of SERP ranking factors, giving internet sites upper tiers for more portable UX.

Length of Snippet

In 2017, Google raised snippet duration to satisfy more explanatory snippets that advantage customers quickly identify search terms.

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The medic was a broad core computation refresh in August 2018  and incorporated more user intent into Google’s overall automated system.

BERT – October 2019

The 2019 BERT refresh is one of the most significant Google algorithm changes in the last decade.

MUM – June 2021

MUM is the most proposed predictive update from Google.

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Product Reviews – December 2021

Google updates Customer Reviews, affecting how you continue to check ranks on SERPs.

google product review update
Google Product Review Update

This update is stimulated and pushed by input from search teams on what characterises as “trustable and helpful” recommendations.


While MUM marks Google’s entry into a new era of search, it also keeps the company’s overall goal: to respond to questions in the most optimum possible solution. By following the same path, SEO professionals can advantageously enhance their SERP standings and accomplish their objectives in 2021 far beyond.

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