Google Product Review Algorithm Update July 2022 Rolling Out Now

Google Product Review Algorithm Update July 2022 Rolling Out Now
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Google has a history of surprising bloggers with its updates, and the most recent one is not much different. On July 27, 2022, at about 1:20 PM ET, Google began rolling out the July 2022 product reviews update. It should take some two or three weeks to finish the rollout. This upgrade, however, is the fourth iteration. This article tells you all you should know about the google product review algorithm update.

How Will This Update Affect You?

For many websites, the product review update always has drawbacks. Therefore, just like past updates to product reviews, sites affected by this will notice it considerably. This modification won’t impact non-reviewing brands or companies who don’t post “product reviews,” though.

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What Is The Google Product Review Algorithm Update All About?

The purpose of Google’s product review update is to encourage users to write the most helpful reviews, regardless of whether they are generally favorable. It outlines every rule that must be adhered to when writing a product review.

google product review
Google Product Review

Any website that conducts product reviews must comply with Google’s latest upgrade to avoid negatively affecting its rankings.

What Should Be An Ideal Product Review According To Google?

According to Google, you should ensure these things to create an ideal product review.

Write As Per User Perspective

Ensure that you write the review from the user’s point of view. Consider yourself as a customer of a particular product before providing honest feedback.

Be An Expert

According to Google, you must write reviews for products or industries that interest you. So, the evaluation will be thorough and accurate if you are an expert in that field.

Display The Product

You must offer the users some audio or video graphics because doing so will make your review seem more credible.

Categorize The Product

The time has come to shift from generalization to specialization.


Make sure to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of products and how well they fit into the various categories in which they can excel.

Compare The Product 

Compare the product to any earlier versions it may have had and also to its competitors.

Specify The Key Features

In the introductory paragraphs of your review, mention the product’s key features. As a result, the user can decide on the product quickly.

Mention Pros And Cons

While writing the review, you should discuss the product’s pros and cons.

pros and cons
pros and cons

These are very important.

Go For A Single-Product Review

The best way to raise your rankings is to write a single-product review because Google frequently favors in-depth written reviews.

Include Links From All Useful Resources

Every link that could lead a user to the product should be included in your product review.

Recommend The Best Product With Supporting Evidence

If you write product reviews, be sure the product you suggest is the best available.

product recommendation
product recommendation

It should be backed up by the appropriate data.


Before purchasing any product, a consumer relies on product reviews. Therefore, the review must be flawless in that regard. Moreover, Google provides some guidelines for bloggers in light of this. And Google has modified the algorithm once more.

While writing any product review, there are numerous guidelines to remember. However, the most important thing is to guarantee that the content is accurate, sincere, and of a good caliber.

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