Google Can’t Provide Details About Core Algorithm Updates

core algorithm updates
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Other than announcing when key algorithm updates have been out, Google seems unable to disclose particular specifics about them. Because Google claims it can’t provide specifics, statements on core algorithm updates are unlikely to get more specific in the coming months. Google has the information internally, but it is prohibited to share it with the public.

This was revealed in the newest episode of the Search Off The Record podcasts, which featured John Mueller, Martin Splitt, and Gary Illyes from Google’s Search Relations team.

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Google Core Algorithm Update

When a core improvement is announced, Illyes is enraged by the fact that the team will be unable to deliver further public education.

google core algorithm update
Google core algorithm update

He asks why they bother to publicize basic changes if they can not provide any help other than sending users to Google Webmaster‘s guidelines.

According to the discussion, each core update notice will be a carbon copy of the one before it.

The Google Search Relations team sympathizes with anyone who is anxious about these changes and hopes that they will be beneficial to individuals who are impacted. However, with their hands tied, the squad is unable to accomplish anything.

Google Can Tell You What’s In A Central Version, But It Can’t Tell You What’s In It.

google update
google update

Illyes claims that the staff in charge of core updates is aware of what’s in them:

“Well, our staff generally understands what we’re doing when we’re conducting core updates, or more specifically, what the components in the core latest update do.” And in the overwhelming majority of cases, it’s all about the rules that we’ve been issuing for the previous 20 years.

So, basically, publish good content, don’t purchase links, and whatever else comes to mind. So every time one of these core updates is released, we’re basically saying, “Follow our recommendations, and that’s also our suggestion.”

Misconceptions About Core Updates

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions concerning core changes since there is so little information available. One of the most popular misconceptions is that core modifications are meant to punish websites.

misconceptions about core updates
misconceptions about core updates

That is not the case, as Illyes wishes to emphasize. Core updates will almost always have a good impression on certain sites while creating a bad one on others. It’s not always because a site did something wrong when it’s negatively affected by a core update.

If your site’s reputation declines after a core update, it doesn’t mean you’re posting bad material or that something needs to be changed on your site. Other sites appear to have been “rewarded” for creating higher-quality content. For example, articles with more depth or articles that are better suited to a specific question.


In other words, communication concerning core upgrades is confined to when they’ve started and when they’ve concluded. That’s how it’s been up until now, and it’s probable that’s all Google can say regarding them in the coming.

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