Google Link Spam Update Is Done Rolling Out

google link spam update
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Did you think Google has completed its algorithm updates? Then, you are highly mistaken. Let us take a deep look at the recent updates. Google confirmed that it has completed the rollout of the link spam update.

With the completion of this update, the first question that arrives in our mind is, what is the motive behind such an update? Also, why did it take so long?

The Link Spam Update is Here!

Their continuous efforts to improve the quality of search results made them introduce a change, or rather a new link spam-fighting change later named the link spam update.

Google also stated that the algorithm update is even more effective at identifying and nullifying the spam links available in multiple languages. The sites that want to be a part of the link spam will notice changes in the search because their algorithms will re-assess those links.

google link spam update
Google Link Spam Update

To be more specific, Google used the term ‘nullify’, which does not mean ‘penalize’, but to ignore or not to count. Therefore, with introducing Penguin 4.0 in 2016, the primary motive behind Google’s efforts lies in ignoring and not counting the spam links.

To keep in mind, Google may not penalize your site for spam links. But, if it ignores or nullifies links that were helping a site rank well in Google search, then that might feel like a bit of a penalty. Therefore, it can cause a sharp drop in your site’s ranking. Observe the changes mindfully.

Best Practices To Follow

The most common way for blogs and publishers to monetize traffic is by affiliating links on pages that include product reviews or shopping guides. It is absolutely fine to use affiliate links for monetization.

However, Google has asked the sites taking part in affiliate programs to qualify these links with rel= “sponsored”, irrespective of the fact that it was created manually or dynamically.

As stated by Google, their principal aim is to improve the ranking for product-related searches and reward high-quality content. Hence, if they discover sites are failing to qualify affiliate links appropriately, manual actions may be issued to prevent these links from affecting search.

google link update
Google Link Update

Also, their systems might take algorithmic actions. Just to let you know, both manual and algorithmic actions might affect the way we see a site in search. Therefore, it’s always good to avoid situations that might cause inconvenience.

As a site owner, you must follow the best practices on links that include both incoming and outgoing. The second significant thing is to focus on producing quality content rather than manipulating links. Third, choose to promote awareness of your site through appropriate tagged links and monetize it with properly tagged affiliate links.

How Can This Affect Your Site?

Just to make you more aware, this update holds the power to cause a sharp drop in your site’s ranking. You need to make sure that the links you produce are natural and per Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Also, invest your time in improving the site so that it can naturally attract new links.

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