Google Page Experience Update Starts Rolling Out On Desktop

google page experience update starts rolling out
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Google has confirmed that the desktop version of its google Page Experience update has start to roll out. This upgrade will roll out over the next few weeks, with completion expected by the end of March 2022. Except for the mobile-friendliness criteria, which is self-evident, Google stated that all of the page experience characteristics for mobile would be included.

However, we can expect some new add-ons as well. The Page Experience update was first implemented in November 2021 for mobile search results and was supposed to roll out to desktop search by February 2022. As a result, Google is right on schedule, and the update has already begun to roll out.

There are a few key differences between how Page Experience is done on mobile and implemented on the desktop. It looks precisely like the mobile report, except for the Mobile Usability component. As a result, even if your site is not mobile-friendly, it may earn a ranking boost in desktop search.

What Is Google’s Page Experience Update?

The page experience feature assesses how netizens feel about their interaction with a web page. This update considers several signals to provide users with a good surfing experience, and Google evaluates each signal and assigns a “page experience” score to a website. So this is about enhancing your site’s user engagement and interactions.

google page experience update

  It is also one of the tactics for improving your website’s rankings. Furthermore, the website’s user experience calculate using the Core Web Vitals (Largest Contentful Paint + First Input Delay + Cumulative Layout Shift) and additional web vitals (Page Loading Mobile-friendliness, Safe Browsing, HTTPS). However, Mobile-friendliness will be the only feature not included in the Desktop upgrade.

How Is The Page Experience Update Related To The Site’s Ranking?

If your website looks good on mobile, it is likely to look good on desktop as well. This new page experience improvement focuses on website performance, believability, and interaction.

how is the page experience update related to the site's ranking

Fast website load speeds and decent UX are what you need to concentrate on, aside from relevant content, of course. Site owners will now see their score in Google Search Console. This implies that if web admins want their pages to show higher in Google’s desktop results, they will have to step up their game.

However, Google mentions that the change will not be significant but susceptible to improvement.


Now is the time to be ready for Google’s desktop page experience upgrade. By ensuring that your site meets the new requirements, you can protect your current ranks and make room for new ones. This is similar to adding flavor to the dish you have made.

They will, however, gradually add the flavor to the mix rather than dumping it all in at once. As people become more engaged and transactions become less frictional, we believe this will contribute to the digital network’s success. So all we can do now is wait for the update, which we expect to become available by the end of March.

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