Google Refine This Search And Broaden This Search Now Live

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These “refine this search” and “broaden this search” buttons are introduced to the U.S.-based English search results. Google said. The above features were previously revealed in September of last year at the search On event.

“Refine this search” and “Broaden this search” are new capabilities that will be available. It will allow you to refine or broaden a search efficiently.

While some users have noticed the features to suppose being tested, Google has said that this feature is not yet fully operational in Google Search.

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Refine Your Search

At Search On, Google addressed this feature, saying that the “Refine this search” choices enable users to become more specific with a subject or zoom out to more broad themes.

Refining a search entails altering or adding to the list of search phrases in order to better retrieve the sites you’re looking for. Successful researchers usually use many inquiries to locate what they’re looking for.


Search for the current results page is visible in the search boxes at the top and bottom of the page. Suppose the search contains special operators that you input directly or indirectly through the advanced search form. 

They will display in the search field. To narrow your search, click the Google Search button or press the ENTER key.

Broaden This Search

The “Broaden this search” feature, according to Google, allows users to get more specific with a topic or zoom out to more wide themes. It’s now showing up for plenty of queries.

"Refine this search" and "Broaden this search" are new capabilities that will be available

Google announced that these two features were added to the US Google search results in English.

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Benefits Of These Features

They’re making it easier to zoom in and out of a topic to explore ideas further. They’re adding additional options to refine and widen searches to assist you in doing so.

In this scenario, you can learn more about particular methods, such as puddle pouring, or enroll in painting schools. You may also widen your search to include similar subjects, such as various painting techniques and notable painters.

Multitask Unified Model (MUM)

Google informed us that MUM does not currently use these functions. Google’s Danny Sullivan tweeted that the Things to Know feature does not currently utilize MUM. As I said last month, MUM is now working in only two search apps.

Google has verified that these capabilities do not yet make use of MUM. But the company has said the below.

Multitask Unified Model

“We anticipate that using MUM for ‘things to know’ will allow us to uncover even deeper insights and allow customers to browse information more easily.”


These enhanced search features may increase the likelihood that searchers will find your site in Google Search. Alternatively, it may divert searchers’ attention away from your snippet in the results. 

Many search marketers benefit from staying on top of what has gone live in Google Search since Google is always innovating new search capabilities.

They’ve been experimenting with exploiting MUM’s features to make their products more useful and allow new search methods. 

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