Google: We Don’t Do Anything Special For All – Caps Headings

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Google responses always suffice the query of the netizens whether the doubts are SEO ranking related or any updated related. Google tends to solve the doubts of its audience. Let’s see what Google has to say this time. 

Google John Mueller has always come ahead to satisfy the people’s query regarding the Google mechanism in the best reasonable manner. Recently, he has been seen to fulfill one of the hundreds of questions. 

john mueller
John Mueller

Google John Mueller took to Twitter on September 15, 2021, to answer a topic related to all caps heading. He tweeted that, according to his understanding, Google does not treat all caps headings uniquely. If someone aspires to write their titles in uppercase entirely, then they should do it.

Adam Riemer questioned:

 “will a site that utilizes all caps due to the fact that branding for H tags & item titles is considered different than one that utilizes proper case structure in their text?”

The person stresses that if a heading has a proper case structure. It will be unique from the header in all caps.

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All Caps Headings and Google

According to the studies, the heading should not contain all caps letters. But, the information presenters write their headings in all caps format because they think it might capture people’s attention, the headings will look unique or due to any other reasons.

John Mueller replied to the Adam Riemer tweet in a very calmly and logical manner. The response seems to satisfy the query of Adam and several other information presenters.

John Muller responded:

“I do not believe we do anything special with all-caps headings, but it feels like the kind of thing you’d wish to carry out in CSS instead of in the material, considering that its more about styling.”

Here are the tweets:

the tweets
The Tweets

Your HTML could display text in whichever fashion you would like to. If you want your text to be in all caps in CSS, go for it. One did not need to bother about SEO on that matter.

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