Google’s Advice On Websites That Use Spamming To Rank Their Sites

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These days, many people cut off the hard work and shift to spamming to rank their websites at the top of the search list. Due to this, other website owners who are working legitimately are at a disadvantage. Spamming is an injustice for those who are working hard to rank their websites in the search bar.

What To Do When Sites Use Spamming To Rank Their Sites?

In a conversation with Duy Nguyen of Google’s search quality team, Google’s John Mueller mentioned that he is often asked what to do when people violate standard search guidelines.

spamming to rank sites

Google’s Duy Nguyen responded to what happens when spammers seem to do well using these low-quality tactics. i.e. spamming to rank their sites. 

John Mueller mentioned: “One question I always get, where you might have some insight or some tips as well, is what if a competitor of mine did something spammy, or maybe they are just keyword stuff on the pages, or they are making someone a doorway page, and I know this is spammy because I-

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Standard queries that arise due to the disappointment with the system are:

  • Is there anything I can report them to, I do not know, the spam police, and they will take care of it for me?
  • What are the possibilities? Is there even something I can do about it?

What Mueller Has To Say On Spammers?

People are losing hope because of the dirty work of spammers who are taking the easy way out.

Mueller shows pity to the ones who are being ranked low because of other’s spammy tactics. He says, “… I do not know, I always feel a little sorry for people who see that kind of thing, where they are almost stuck in a situation where they think, well, maybe I should spam too so I can rank above my competitor as spammers.

Duy Nguyen then replied.

Yes, if everyone did, where does that leave users? Do they want a good user experience and good content to consume?

If you focus too much on a single calculation or something you think will for some reason drive your sites, it will most of the time lead to a rather negative outcome.

How To Get Rid Of This?

But is it always about the number of spam links that cause this to happen? Google has an algorithm to present the top 10 sites, and it does not depend on how many links there are. It depends if the content the user is searching for is relevant. In such situations, it is the content and not the spammy tactics that are the cause.

Google does not rank any site just because they are using spam tactics; they must have good content because they are being placed in the top 10 search lists.

quality content
Quality content

So instead of complaining about other’s work, people should focus on how to increase the quality of their content. This way, through hard work and sheer willpower, they can archive the top 10 search ranking just by the astonishing range and no cheap tricks.

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