Google’s Golden Tips To Content Creators

tips to content creators
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It is a widely known fact how content is the ultimate king in the world of business. Furthering this notion, Google recently offered its golden tips to all the content creators. It was concerning maintaining quality and achieving success.

An interesting fact behind this advice is that it does not affect the Search Engine Optimization results. Google provided this advice solely for the sake of spreading the word about marketing success through content creation.

tips to content creators
Tips to content creators

Let’s look at what Google has to say to content creators all over the web.

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Tips To Content Creators From Google

The advice mainly centered around the experiences of four content creators who have experienced significant profits. It was categorized into five main heads comprising of the following:

Consistency By Setting Aside Time In The Calendar

An essential but often neglected habit by content writers is setting aside some time out of the day to write. It is described as the “stairway to success.” Some people are guilty of waiting for inspiration to strike them, but it rarely does.

stay consistent
Stay consistent

A successful content writer must swear by this habit to bring value to their pieces. Nick Cave, the famous Australian singer, also showed agreement with the advice. He believes that content creation must be treated as a job, disputing those who treat it as a spiritual connection with inspiration. 

Google also published the words of Rigel Gemini, a musical artist, and blogger, on the topic. He supports setting a day apart each week for content creation on a subject that you are passionate about. By doing so, one will not burden themselves, and passion will ease out the process of creation.

Sticking To Strengths

Barring some exceptions, everyone has a style personal to them. This style defines their persona, their values, and their outlook towards life. Another profitable content creator is the lifestyle blogger Mata Leiataua. She advises content creators to understand and learn about what their style is.

Thus, one must be fully aware of their strengths and add them to their advantage instead of copying. 

Batch-wise Content Creation

It is wise to create content in bulk at a single point and schedule the releases accordingly. Usually, content creation is both- a time-consuming and effort-consuming process. To put efficiency at the top mantle, creators should follow batch-wise content creation and publishing.

3Rs of Content Material

The 3Rs of Content Creation refer to Reduce, Rework, and Repurpose the content material to appeal to a varied audience. The gist of the statement is to showcase the same content in different modes of presentation on various platforms.

Google gives examples in light of this advice as well. A YouTuber can repurpose his video material in the form of an article. A web writer can publish his writing in a youtube video or even as a podcast.

Value Over Quality

For a content creator, the value must be of the utmost priority, even exceeding high quality.

value over quality
Value over quality

While higher quality, such as an appealing image and graphics, brings notice, even then, there is a particular need to offer value to the readers. It is said so because only value beats value. Often, articles with comprehensive content are considered to be exemplary, equating more words with more quality.


A strategy commonly adopted to acquire optimal SEO is focusing on keywords. However, another approach is to provide content with immense value to the audience.

Such practices retain readers for a more extended period. As Leonard Cohen has rightly said, content creation is understanding engagement in the world, producing something from it, and obtaining self-respect in the process.

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