Hard To Call A Site Authoritative After 30 Articles, Says Google

Hard To Call A Site Authoritative After 30 Articles
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According to Google’s John Mueller, it is hard to call a site authoritative after 30 articles. According to Search Advocate John Mueller, developing Google authority will entail greater than merely launching a 30-page website. This is particularly the case if the website has not been updated in a long time.

google indexing
Google indexing

In answer to a Reddit discussion questioning why new posts for an “authoritative” website aren’t indexing, Mueller states this.

The thread’s original poster (OP) claims to have posted 30+ items on their website. They also consider it authoritative due to the links it receives.

After just a three-month gap in releasing new items, Google isn’t indexing new information as soon as it used to. The OP wonders why certain URLs are not being indexed despite being manually submitted.

With only a few dozen articles, Mueller gives OP a rude awakening. He claims Google can’t perceive its site as an authority.

On Authoritative Sites, John Mueller

Mueller opens his reply stating that there is currently no problem with Google’s indexing engines. Indexing issues do happen from time to time. However, that is not the issue here.

Instead, this is an example of Google being picky with what it indexes.

Google will become pickier in what it indexes whenever it resumes posting. This is due to the platform’s small number of posts. Additionally, it is also because of the likelihood that it has not produced fresh features across many months.

At present, he does not perceive anything wrong with the method Google indexes things. But, just like any web browser must, he foresees them becoming cautious regarding what they choose for indexing.

It is hard to call a site authoritative after 30 articles. He said that he could see how Google could be more cautious about indexing further if production ceased for some time.

Once Google realizes the website has plenty to give visitors beyond 30 pages of information, indexing could start picking up. There is little the OP can do to speed up the procedure except to continue to submit additional stuff.

This is not anything one can force via technological methods. It is not the pre-indexing option that renders your website the greatest of its sort.


Conclusion To The Reddit Thread

Mueller ends his reply by urging the OP to strive for greater heights in all areas.

It is no longer sufficient for a website to be comparable to similar websites on the internet. It has to be a significant improvement.

According to him, you are keeping your website just about as great/horrible as many others are not enough. You must strive much further, not only in terms of the content on your sites. But in terms of anything on your website and its integration with the majority of the world/web.

This conversation has two main implications.

Firstly, it is doubtful to consider a website with just 30 pages authoritative.

Secondly, ever since Google has figured out where a website belongs with the internet at large, this could deteriorate indexing.

Google’s indexing trends are known to change, and even manual submitting does not ensure indexing.

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