How Long Does It Take To See Results From Link Building?

how long does it take to see results from link building
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Everyone creates an SEO strategy to see their website rank up. For that to happen, link building is the best possible way. You and I both are aware of this.

But the most basic question asked by anyone who knows about SEO or who doesn’t ask- How long will it take to show results?

Most experts in the field of SEO would agree that it can take about 3-12 months to show realistic results from link building.

At times it can be frustrating going through this period when there are hardly any results, but to avoid that, we need to see- 

  • Why does it so long to get results from link building?
  • Why can’t we make this happen in the fastest way possible?
  • What factors affect link building?
  • And for the non-SEO folks, a tiny reminder that what is link building?

So let’s get started. I’ll take up the last question first.

What Is Link Building?

In a nutshell, link building is the way of building hyperlinks that direct back to your website, also known as backlinks, to improve your visibility on the search engine.

what Is link building

The many ways to do this are- 

Why Does It Take So Long?

It’s not magic that gets spun in a few days or weeks. It takes time for google to crawl on your new backlinks and then provide authority to your page, and it takes over a year to reach peak traffic. 

There is a vast difference between search engine ranking and google indexation. But you can see two things about your link-building campaign in a short period. 

First that your local SEO terms would improve quickly.

Second, how fast all the changes occur will tell you about the quality of your links.

Now to give you a little relief that your quality isn’t that bad, Google has over 200 factors in determining rank, so sit back and give it some time.

What Factors Affect Link Building?

There are several factors affecting link building, of which a few are listed below.

factors affecting link building

The major factors are-

  • What link-building campaign do you choose, and how do you plan it? Your assets need to be diverse in your campaign.
  • The authority your website has. You can’t expect your site to be fresh and run a campaign to get peak traffic; it has power.
  • Backlink relevance, quality, and velocity.
  • Importance of sitemaps and backlink anchor texts.
  • Notably, the level of competition in your field has.

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Why Can’t We Make It Happen Faster?

We can make it faster but excluding the bad SEO practices and not depleting the quality of your backlinks. An audit will always help if it’s taking too much time.

You must prevent your site from negative SEO attacks and improve your asset quality.

So there you have all the answers to why it takes so long for link building to show effects.

I would sit back and relax to give it time because there are over 50B web pages indexed in google, so yours and mine will take time.

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