How To Run A Website? A Google Based Insight

how to run a website
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If you are planning to run a website, you must know the basic tips and tricks to be able so that Google can identify your content. This article will help you improve your knowledge on how to run a website and maintain it.

How To Have Unique Content?

In a scenario where imitation is rampant, the competition gets fierce in a jiffy, the element of uniqueness somewhat details. It is much-coveted in a webpage to demonstrate unique content above the fold area.

how to run a website

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John Mueller, who represents Google, believes that no website can have an absolute 100% unique content. It is pretty improbable for any webpage to have that above the fold. It is inevitable for some content to be reiterated on different platforms and websites.

Regardless of how you express it, the crux of the matter is undeniably identical to the previous ones. So what can you can do to achieve the desired mark?

There are some inextricable elements, such as the representation of the navigation menu. Also, a web page banner needs to have some sort of a distinctive element attached to it.

All the elements mentioned in the above fold somehow seem to be replicated in a way or the other. The primary approach should always be to curate new elements.

The owners of the websites must materialize their ideas in a distinct form that has not been made privy to the customers yet. They should work at putting a minimal amount of uniqueness or exotic elements above the fold.

Have Customized Content

However, in a case where the exclusive design of your website is bound only to have limited custom content in the above fold area, you can work to incorporate elements that will eventually ameliorate your rankings.  

Your web page serves a customer segment that requires a specific set of information. Try to include precise information that reflects the overall idea of the webpage you are running. It will undeniably be an effective strategy to augment your rankings further.

You also need to decipher how the users are reacting to the changes. John Mueller suggests that it is not abnormal for a webpage to have put a general picture at the top. All you should try to do is nullify it with specific and unique content.

Try to keep the fold content unique, new and work to bring in elements that are not introduced yet.

How To Include Keywords?

Keywords are outright indispensable but do not dilute their relevance with the over-usage. Of course, you cannot dispense individual keywords with either, but scrutinizing the exact keywords might be redundant.

You need to specifically mention the nature and relevance of your website to fulfill the purpose of creating the webpage. The core objective is to be accessible and informative.

The relevance of keywords far outweighs the word count. Therefore, the specific words mentioned in the topics should align with the keywords also. Otherwise, you will shatter the whole purpose eventually.

Maximize User Interaction

Google has already reflected the significance of above-the-fold content and how they consider it a crucial parameter. So, the website owners must be mindful of this fact.

In order to maximize the interaction of the users with the website, let it reflect all the vital information in the precise format. Mueller has specifically mentioned that the traditional approach will no longer work.

However, as long as the webpage is interactive, it is possible to make necessary changes accordingly.


So these are basic things you need to take care of to be able to run a website effectively. We have provided how Google works in order to show your website on the top results.

We really hope this article was helpful to you! If you have any other queries, let us know in the comments below. We’ll try to resolve them for you!

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