Keywords Everywhere Tool Review: 2022

keywords everywhere review
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Say that you are in any way familiar with Search Engine Optimization overall – and you’ve viewed any other Keywords Everywhere Review articles previously. Then you already know that one thing remains constant in Search Engine Optimization regardless of how much changes. And that thing is Keywords. Keywords will indefinitely play a significant role in your SEO, and thorough keyword research will always be essential. See also: Your Definitive Guide To Local SEO

Many keyword solutions and tools are available to people, and they are different from each other in terms of cost, services offered, how good they are in general, etc. But one factor that many of these tools fail to consider is that they do not display the whole image, notably concerning opponent analysis.

This issue can be overcome by an extremely useful tool known as Keywords Everywhere. Below, we will cover the Keywords Everywhere review and discuss its features and benefits. 

What Is The Issue?

The majority of keyword analysis entails a great deal of back-and-forth. That, however, is no longer the case. To access the details you want, you must switch among several Search engine optimization services.

Keywords Everywhere is a robust keyword research software that assists you in identifying the most effective phrases for your marketing. It gives you precise data precisely wherever you require it. 

keyword everywhere

What’s the greatest feature? You can completely use Keywords Everywhere to enhance your search traffic very efficiently. It is available in a fully free form.


Keywords Everywhere is a Chrome and Mozilla internet extension. For many Interfaces, it displays the mean search traffic, cost per click (CPC), and rivalry details. The data is incorporated right into the main website you recently visited for better reference. Keywords Everywhere presently has a 4.6 rating score out of 5 predicated on nearly 5k ratings in the Chrome online storefront!

Everywhere Keywords Characteristics And Benefits:

  • Export Metrics: Keywords Everywhere allows you to save your keyword database as an Xls, CSV, or PDF document.
  • Download Keywords: Import a list of terms and see their traffic stats.
  • Browse by Nation: Choose a region to limit your findings.
  • Evaluate Site: Identify each of the keywords present on a page and discover how many individuals are looking for those. 
  • Store All Keywords: This option aids people in storing all phrases on a webpage for additional investigation.
  • There are 16 APIs in total: Keyword Everywhere supports a total of 16 APIs.
  • Dialects & Regions Accessible: Presently, Keywords Everywhere is accessible in English only. You may search for the nations listed below: the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and India are all included in the global (all nations) category.

The Method Of Using Keywords Everywhere

The very initial step is to install the tool. Once that is done, anyone can search any APIs that it can access. Your keyword statistics will display underneath the search field or, in the scenario of Google Analytics, will be included in the system. When possible, you will be offered relevant terms and keywords that other people are searching for (PASF).

Keywords Everywhere Review – Use Cases

Here are a few cases that the Keywords Everywhere use.

Make Quick Changes To Your PPC Program

If you’re viewing a website and see that a keyword’s CPC is too expensive, you’ll know which keywords to drop from your PPC campaign

keyword everywhere
You may also uncover forgotten keywords to engage in because you can check how many organizations are running advertisements for particular keywords.

Get Motivated!

You leave yourself open to unexpected creativity since you’re obtaining information in actual time, just like a prospective consumer would. You can find keyword relationships you would ordinarily overlook since you meet the keyword in its native home.

Go A Little Further

You may dig down into certain queries while storing others for the future because you’re viewing similar keywords and PASF outcomes while completing your queries. This helps you cut down on wasted effort by allowing you to compile your keyword list without having to change among programs or windows.

Figure Out Who Your Rivals Are

Because so many merchants offer identical things on Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, figuring out who your rivals are can be difficult. It’s a lot simpler to do things when you use Keywords Everywhere.

These are only a handful of the possibilities. You can extract a lot of information from this device and utilize it for various purposes.

Decide Which Industries You Want To Operate In.

In principle, anyone might just as well sell things available on Amazon on eBay or Etsy. However, where could you have the most chance of succeeding as a novice vendor? This software can assist you in determining this by displaying statistics for the identical keyword.

Learn More About What Your Rivals Are Scoring For RIGHT NOW.

The SERPs are always changing, and using this software will aid you to view what phrases your rivals are currently scoring for in real-time. You may now alter your web text or write a well-written new article that incorporates those phrases to assist your website score for them as well.

Why Do We Adore Keywords Everywhere?

We prefer to use Keywords Everywhere since it is quick and straightforward to use, and it frequently finds stuff that other programs miss. The real-time SERPs tool is fantastic for generating article concepts, and the longtail search options have also proven useful. Various e-commerce customers have also found the e-commerce website capabilities useful. Check this out: How to Dominate SERPs by Focusing On Topics Instead of Keywords

Keep in mind that even with free inquiries, this software will provide you with a Plethora of information. However, to employ that information efficiently, you must understand it.


Keywords Everywhere tool is beneficial since it provides real-time data for SEO services. Consequently, you’ll come across terms in the same manner that your prospective buyer will. 

This allows you to observe the customer journey in detail rather than theoretically, giving you the information you would not have gotten elsewhere. Keywords Everywhere tool also helps you save effort by reducing the requirement to move between windows, screening out cost-prohibitive or useless keywords, and allowing you to store keywords quicker.

After reading this Keywords Everywhere review, you must be clear on its advantages and disadvantages or what makes it unique. 

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