Google Tests Larger Font In Mobile Search Bar 

google tests larger font in mobile search bar
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Google often introduces experiments that focus on the layout and utility of search and to other associated innovations. For over a year now, the search bar on mobile has been the focus of attention; hence, SEO cognoscente and adviser have shown their concern and have shared several snapshots on the assessment related to the mobile search bar.

Though most of the ideas shared were impressive; however, one of the most brilliant ideas was the big font of the search bar on the cellphones.

Brodie Clark spotted the difference and posted images on Twitter stating that the search bar font is visibly larger. In the words of Brodie Clark,

“a test where Google’s search bar font is larger than normal on mobile. It’s been just over a year since Google focused on a series of mobile search bar tests.” 

mobile search bar
Mobile Search Bar

He even accentuated the test on the desktop where prerecorded tapes are prominent with size on hover, and the YouTube video descriptions are below. 

Later, Brodie Clark discussed the ‘also covered on this page,’ featured snippets of scroll-to-text that he witnessed during the process. 

Introducing The Improvements 

Through uncompromising examinations and analysis, Google is at the forefront of introducing Customer-friendly changes to Search. According to Google, as per the report of last year, disregarding the search quality tests, they administered 17,000 live traffic demonstrations. These experiments were beneficial for them to comprehend how committed buyers associate with a feature before being inaugurated. 

links imapct on seo

The clicked-on results, aggregated queries, abandonment rate for queries, and how long did it take for a concerned person to click on a result are a few of the metrics that are taken into consideration before concluding on test results. 

Google has been able to reach the high standards of search results with nearly 383,605 search quality tests behind them and has been assured to meet a higher status for the reason hidden in the intention of the searcher’s query. 

What Do These Changes Mean? 

From changing the color of the Advertisement Labels to the size of the fonts, and the micro tests that aim to provide the best outcomes for everyone involved.

Hence, even with the establishment of organic and paid ad search results, Google tries to balance between the ad revenue for Google and enhancing the performance of advertisers and experience for users. Google will continue to carry on with different tests, and we will be able to witness more changes in the search result pages.

Google will continue to carry on with different tests. Therefore, we will be able to witness more changes in the search result pages.

Also, the company aims to improve its advertisement revenue by raising the volume of the attractiveness of the top ad slots. Such a test helps them to reaffirm that the top is best. However, such examinations and tests require in-depth thinking, use of machine learning, and to implement the decisions, one also needs the help of artificial intelligence. 

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