New Google Update to Show More Diversified Results

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Google has always emphasized on enhanced user experience and has taken many initiatives to serve the end result. The current search update is the best example of it.

Recently, Google announced on the Search Liaison Twitter account that they updated search results to show more diverse results.

If you are one of them who are not satisfied with Google’s top search results, you will certainly welcome this initiative.

What Exactly It Is?

The recent search result update is all about to offer more diverse search results.

After this update, you will not see more than two results from the same domain for any of your queries.

In brief, your query will only have two top results from the same domain. This initiative will enable users to get more diverse results from different domains.

A single domain will not dominate search engine for a particular query.

How Will It Make A Difference?

If you use the Google search engine more often, you might have realized that top results are dominated by a few domains.

You get more than three to four results from the same domain. Many of us would not prefer to go through the same domain search result more often. Obviously, we will prefer results from different domains.

That is exactly going to happen after the recent search update. Now you will not see four or five results from the same domain in the top ten search results.

This new change is made to offer diversity in the search results.

Will Google Treat Sub-domains Differently?

Sub-domains will not be treated differently.

The parent domain will be considered as the root and all the sub-domains will be treated as the part of the main domain and they will appear in the search engine accordingly.

But yes, Google has the right to treat sub-domains differently. If Google finds it relevant, it can treat sub-domains differently for diversity purposes, as stated by Google.

Is It Applicable for All Searches?

Though the recent update says that Google will not show more than two results from a domain for a particular query, still, it reserves the right to show more than two results when they find it most appropriate.

If the system determines that it is specifically relevant for a particular query, it can show more than two results. It is mostly related to brand queries. For example, if users search on a particular brand such as Snapdeal or Levis, then the search result might include more than two results from these brands, clarified by Google.

Will It Impact Core Results Only?

Yes, the recent search update will impact core results only without affecting the additional search features that include video snippets, top stories, and image carouses. Google added it is only about the main listing. Other displays on the search results will not be affected.

In addition, the recent update is not related to the June 2019 core update. These two updates are totally different and unconnected, stated by Google.

When the recent update will benefit common people, it will impact those websites who want to dominate the top search results with the same domain name.

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