SEOCon Jakarta 2023: Everything To Know

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In the current digital age, SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, has emerged as the most crucial element. No specific introduction is required; however, a general notion will benefit us.

As you may know, SEO is a vital component of digital marketing and other businesses, and it holds power to derive organic traffic with organic leads. However, this entire process is more challenging than it sounds, and changes make it more difficult. If you are having trouble with the same thing, you have clicked the correct tab, so don’t worry.

Here we will inform you about one such incredible conference on SEO that can shape your career.

Why This Conference Is Important

Before anything, let’s share a few words about why you even need this conference. Well, there are many reasons which make SEOCon Jakarta in Indonesia inevitable.

If you are new in the SEO world, you must have known the hardship of ranking high on search engines. Whether it’s keyword research, our usages, internal links, featured snippets, and other things, they are not accessible.

In this excellent conference, SamBlogs is joining hands with SEOCon Jakarta. There will be promotion and advertising at this conference, and we are India’s leading and supreme digital marketing.

And with us, you will get special discounts on our top services. 


Take another instance in which you are an established SEO professional, then also juggling with SEO. Why? Because SEO trends keep changing now and then, search engines, as you are aware, prioritize their users.

So as their user’s behavior and search pattern change, they also change norms for ranking content. That is why even when you try hard to optimize your content, you are not getting a high rank because you use updated SEO tactics.

However, you can handle both conditions now, because this conference will impart knowledge. At this conference, you will learn the basics of SEO and how to keep yourself updated with the latest and changing SEO tactics.

Moreover, you will also learn how to grow your business using SEO and how to rank high on search engines. Hence if you are looking forward to working with SEO, SEOCon Jakarta is a must.

Who Are The Speakers

Any conference is judged futile or fruitful with its speakers who will lead the discussion, and the same goes for SEOCon Jakarta. At this conference, you will have numerous industry leaders as speakers who will share their experiences and tips with you.

In SEOCon Jakarta, more than 25 eminent speakers will lead the talk. Some notable names are the top CEOs from the top global companies in digital marketing.

To name a few, we can take the names of Edy Budiman from Dewaweb, Tuhin Banik from Thatware, and Damian Kielbasa. And Pawel Sokolowski from Neuron, Yopie Suryadi from MTarget.

Genius brains of the SEO world and digital marketing will come across to share their tips with you.

The SEOCon, speakers will speak on a wide range of topics, like how to grow and rank higher in this competitive landscape. What you can do to rank higher is how utilize data to make selective marketing choices.

And the most important thing is how to sustain your business for long in this highly competitive market. So, these two days of SEOCon Jakarta will be unforgettable for you, and this conference lets you expand your network and learn from other stories.

Who Can Attend This Conference

At first, SEOCon Jakarta is only for digital marketers and SEO professionals. However, it’s not the case, and in addition to them, business owners and anyone who wants to work in the SEO world can join this conference.

Even if you are a freelancer in SEO and want to expand your knowledge and, in turn, opportunities. Or looking forward to launching your website, SEOCon Jakarta will also be useful for you.


This conference is a talk on digital marketing where you will learn about changing digital marketing strategies. Here SEO experts across the globe will talk about advanced and latest SEO and digital marketing tactics.

They will inform you about strategies you can use in your digital marketing to enhance productivity.

If you look forward to expanding your network, this is the right opportunity. In addition to this, you will also get global exposure and can grow your business on an international level. 

What You Will Get Out Of The Conference

The format of the SEOCon Jakarta is evident; on the first day, you will have the inaugural session and a few speeches, and the second day is primary when speakers discuss various topics in three halls.

The seminar focuses on three things: performance, optimization, and strategy. So, let’s discuss all of these three from SEOCon Jakarta separately.

The first theme is performance, where speakers of SEOCon will give insights on performance marketing. It will include a discussion on monitoring SEO and digital marketing metrics, SEO, and SEM-optimized strategies. Moreover, you will learn how to improve your business performance.


The second theme of SEOCon is optimization, where you will understand everything about optimization. It will include website content optimization, social media optimization, and other technical elements.

The third and most important theme of the SEOCon is strategy through workshops and panel discussions. In this, you will learn how to increase organic traffic and convert it to leads efficiently.

Therefore, through SEOCon Jakarta, you can expand your network and get the essence of years of SEO concepts in just two days. It will expose you to listening to and following global digital marketing leaders.

These leaders enlighten you on digital marketing strategies with their experiences and stories. Even if you can’t implement all the systems, using just a few, as discussed, will be very helpful for you. 


1. Are SEO conferences worth participating in?

Good SEO conferences are significant for getting new insights on SEO and digital marketing tactics. 

2. What to ask in SEO and digital marketing seminars?

While you are attending an SEO conference discussing SEO and digital marketing tactics, there is something that you must ask. 

For instance, you can ask about the purpose and objective of a specific strategy. And can it be applied to all industries? If not, then how to change digital marketing tactics based on sectors or niches? 


Therefore, you must attend SEOCon Jakarta, an important SEO and digital marketing conference.

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