Siteliner SEO Tool Review – Should You Try It?

siteliner seo tool review
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Siteliner is generally advertised as an online identical material detector. In this Siteliner SEO tool review, we’ll cover all you need to know about Siteliner.

It displays the amount of your website’s web pages with data duplicated on some other inner Address. For instance, if a sentence on-site A is an exact copy of the material on-site B, Siteliner will exhibit it. siteliner seo tool review

Since copied material can be a massive issue for SEO, Siteliner has become an indispensable tool for us. It perplexes Google so that it has no idea which web page better satisfies an individual’s query—and, as a result, does not understand which address to rank in which manner on its search results.

On all the present sites, the idea is to have distinct and different data. Siteliner develop to enable people to locate (and find a better alternative for) copied content-carrying sections before the situation worsens. 

The Report

When Siteliner has completed inspecting your website, you will receive a report that includes the accompanying information:

Details about the page: This includes the URL, description, layout, amount of characters, and last changed dates for every section.

Duplicate Material: Information that matches the data of some other address on your web page is known as a duplicate or identical material.

Broken Links– References to a page or section on the site that has subsequently changed or is no more available are known as broken links.

Skipped sites: These mean the sites that the program ignored while examining your website.

Related Domains: Subdomains on the site you examined are commonly known as related or associated domains.siteliner seo tool review

Every section of the generated report has a bunch to digest, so it is vital to correctly give attention to each one.


Next in this Siteliner SEO tool review, let us look at the features and characteristics of the tool below.

Look For Any Broken Links

A tool in Siteliner looks at your existing pages for broken links.

What exactly is a broken link, precisely?

Backlinks that provide access to a link or site that does not operate anymore are known as broken links. This can occur in various circumstances, and the case can be that a website has removed.

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Why are broken links so detrimental to Search Engin Optimization?

Broken links, primarily, have a detrimental effect on consumer interaction. In addition to that, broken links make it increasingly challenging for the web browser to perform its duties.siteliner seo tool review

Nevertheless, Siteliner makes finding and getting rid of broken links a breeze. Siteliner can quickly help you look for broken links and locate them on your page.

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Report Download

It is effortless to access and download the Siteliner report. However, the sole layout in which it is present is Comma Separated Values. In order to get the report, anyone can simply tap on the link for the download, which is present right beside the report on its left. 

You can download one particular table, but this is also possible in Comma Separated Values format.

In this way, it becomes effortless for users to download the report that contains an essential analysis of their sites and helps them analyze it properly. 

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Identical Content

Siteliner, over this portion, basically finds content that copies. This is where Siteliner accentuates the material that is the same for over 1 section of your site.

Also, one should know that it differentiates an address that precedes a backslash from one that doesn’t end in a backslash, even if the URL is the same. So, you might have an identical content percentage of 100 on 2 URLs when actually, they are both the same, where one ends with a “\,” and the other does not. siteliner seo tool review

Putting a rel canonical under one of the sites is the answer. Because Siteliner examines that meta tag, the material will not understand as identical. In addition, the program displays a list of the addresses it examined. To explore the repeated material for a specific site, simply press on any entry in the list.

Yes, and you will come across many similar terms in the identical material area of the report that you’ve encountered in Copyscape. There is a valid explanation behind this. Recall that the very same team that created Copyscape came up with Siteliner.

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Internal & External Links

You may find all of your internal and external hyperlinks here. The Site Results report contains information about internal and external links, and site Results offer you a lot of details on a particular page.

By selecting a line in the Website Overview report, anyone may get the Site Results report.

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Siteliner’s Advantages

An excellent aspect of Siteliner that we can see is how quickly it retrieves information.

However, among other appealing features of Siteliner, the best is that it is free for most customers. Siteliner’s free edition enables visitors to browse over 200 web pages, which is more than adequate for most modest businesses or blogs.

Siteliner is a free program that includes many characteristics. Anyone would not require two different tools to look for links that don’t work anymore or copied content. Siteliner is a tremendous asset to any SEO toolset since it can accomplish anything.

Siteliner reports are also available in several forms. It is effortless to provide customer reports, emphasize critical findings, and alter the layout.

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Is Siteliner The Most Excellent SEO Solution For You?

Siteliner is a freeware SEO application that might aid you in distinguishing all of your website’s adverse technological concerns. You may improve your web search position in this manner. Furthermore, the premium version of the package is reasonable with even more features. 


Siteliner has multiple advantages where it may assist an individual. From identifying broken links and duplicated content to helping you download a comprehensive report of your site, it has various uses that can benefit any person. Hope this article, Siteliner SEO tool review cleared all about Siteliner.siteliner seo tool review

Moreover, Siteliner can certainly help raise the google search rankings of your website very quickly and get rid of any concerns that might affect your rankings adversely.

It is a great tool that you can utilize, so why not try it out?

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