Google Chrome Team Shares Tips For Optimizing Core Web Vitals

Tips for optimizing Core web vitals
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We all have heard that Google is on its way to improving web performance using core web vitals. But do you know what core web vitals are and why Google is doing so?

Most of you will be unaware of that. Core Web Vitals are the three metrics that measure your site’s visual stability, loading time, and interactivity. And Google is doing so because all the Google businesses are online, i.e., based on the web, and if it lacks the core web vitals, users will get back to their native applications.core web vitalsThe team of Google spent almost a year figuring out what tips they could give you to optimize core web vitals. And here are several tips that you can use when you have limited time.

Tips For Optimizing Core Web Vitals:

The tips that the Google team shares for optimizing core web vitals are:Google core web vitalsOptimize The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

The LCP metric is a metric that estimates the time the main content of the site takes to become visible to the users. According to Google, only half of the sites meet the Largest Contentful paint criteria, and other sites which do not meet it can use these suggestions to improve LCP.LCP

  1. Make sure that it is easy to locate the LCP resource in the HTML file, i.e., if your website has an image, ensure that it gets loaded quickly as soon as the user opens your site. Also, if the element of the LCP is an image, the URL of the image should be visible in the HTML source.
  2. Ensure to prioritize the LCP element by avoiding the actions that can delay the image loading and lower your LCP resource’s priority. If your LCP resource contains an image within the img tag and there are several other tags and scripts in the head section of the document, write your img tag on top of all others.
  3. Use an external CDN, i.e., Content Delivery Network, to decrease The Time To The First Bite (TTFB). Before loading any resource or file, the browser should receive the response of the HTML document’s first byte. TTFB is a measure to locate that time. If it happens faster, other processes will take time, and to make it slower, serve the contents to the users in a nearby location. The well-known and popular way is to use a CDN, i.e., Content Delivery Network.

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Optimize First Input Delay (FID)

FID metrics measure the amount of time a site takes to make a response to user interactions. Google gives a replacement for it which is Interaction to Next Paint (INP). Here are several ways to improve FID.FID

  1. Break up the long tasks into smaller ones so that the main thread can work properly and the browser can respond to the user quickly. Also, the main thread will get more chances to process user works.
  2. Avoid unnecessary javascript as when there is more javascript, and they will compete for the main thread’s attention and affect the website’s responsiveness. The users also will only get a smooth experience.
  3. Bypass large rendering updates as it will also give a bad user experience. Ensure that the rendering updates are easy to manage and result in manageable tasks.

Optimize Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS metrics measure the stability of your website’s visual layout, i.e., how stable the visual layout of your site is. To improve the CLS, you can go with the following suggestions.CLS

  1. You should avoid animation and transitions for other things like cookies and notifications to improve CLS. These will push the main visual content out of the way and impact CLS.
  2. Set explicit size for the on-page content, such as images and other things. The contents’ position gets changed and scattered when the page gets loaded. Reserving space for them in advance is recommended to avoid this issue.

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Core web vitals metrics are essential to increase your site’s ranking and provide users with a seamless experience. The tips the Google team shares for optimizing the core web vitals will help you elevate your site more. And, of course, we all know that the tips of Google are never worthless.

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