6 Online Review Statistics Every Marketer Should Know

online review statistics
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Audience feedback is crucial in the digital age since it will help attract more potential clients to your website, enhance your brand’s online reputation, and forge close customer bonds. Let’s take, for example, positive remarks that will increase your consumer base, while nasty comments will harm your company’s reputation. Whether you own a small or large store, you should know the company’s online performance. Here know about online review statistics.

online review


This article will focus on six online review statistics companies should know to effectively manage their business and create the most trusted brand possible.

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Positive And Negative Reviews

In about 79% of cases, customers search more for internet reviews than personal recommendations. Before making an online purchase, everyone reads positive and negative reviews. Therefore, the marketer must understand the impact on consumers’ decisions.

positive and negative review

You’re mistaken if you think having more positive ratings will boost client trust while having fewer bad reviews won’t. Your viewers will doubt your legitimacy if you have many favorable ratings because many scammers publish more positive evaluations. A good company should have both positive and negative ratings. Since you cannot satisfy everyone, that’s reality.

Star Ratings 

Do you realize that 87% of prospective clients will only show interest if they have low-stat local ratings? Yes, a customer should consider the star rating when deciding whether or not to purchase a product. It is even more astonishing to learn that 48% of consumers care to look at businesses or organizations with ratings of less than 4, even though star ratings are crucial for businesses. In addition to helping you gain their trust, doing so will boost your search engine rankings.

People Look For Google Reviews

People trust Google more than any other search engine to review the product, and everyone uses Google to determine the worth of products they are considering purchasing. It is well-known that consumers like to read other Google reviews before making a purchase or choosing a restaurant.

Reviews On Their Phones 

Smartphones have become an essential part of life. Now, with the phone, everything is simple. It is convenient and easy to use, allowing them to compare prices and performance before purchasing. You can look for any nearby stores you want these days using the “near me” feature. Individuals rely on online reviews to form opinions about a particular store because they consult them when deciding whether or not to visit.

Reviews On Social Media Platforms

Social media has the highest influence on people. Reviews, particularly on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, help the business or organization increase its high conversion rate.

social media review

Reviews on social media boost the business’ credibility and assist customers in making decisions before making an online purchase.

Jobseekers Search More For Online Reviews

Take the example of applying to a company while looking for work. What do you do now that you are interested in their workplace culture? You will research online reviews to find out more information about the business. People read company reviews posted online to learn more about the workplace culture.

job search

The fact that a website like Glassdoor receives more than 55 million visitors each month is the most shocking thing. Jobseekers look more closely at internet reviews.


Therefore, online review numbers are just as significant for a business as advertising. If a client or customer is unhappy with the service received from the business, you may use the feedback to enhance future client or customer service. These online review statistics help marketers understand their target market so they may tailor their marketing campaigns.

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