Why You Shouldn’t Be Creating Links To Your Site 

you shouldn't be creating links to your site
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Searching for quality content is one of the demands of search engines. But, do you know that the quality of content alone does not mean it will rank well? However, one site must establish its authorization to excel in this field and outrank those with quality sites.

One can accomplish such a requirement by obtaining links from authentic websites, creating your brand, and sustaining audiences to augment your content. Though Google has earlier confirmed two of the most crucial factors in the ranking for SEO. However, recently John Mueller has tweeted that  “you shouldn’t be creating links to your site in general.”

creating links
Creating links

What exactly do these links mean, and how do you earn them from other websites? 

Also, earlier, he mentioned that creating quality links is against the guidelines, and avoiding link building is a good option though not all link building is unfavorable.

According to Google’s John Mueller, the creation of quality links goes against the established guidelines of Google Webmaster Help, and that those links would be unacceptable.

 “If *you’re* making quality links to your site, then that would be considered against our webmaster guidelines, and by that, those links would not be considered quality.”

By this, they mean that Google demands organic links; over the years, Google’s link-building guidelines have unfolded to be more strict regarding the generation of organic links and others. Therefore, link building is a vital component of SEO. 

What Are links? 

Also acknowledged as backlinks or external links. Inbound links are HTML hyperlinks that feature one site to another website and are the Internet currency.

internal linking for seo
Internal linking for SEO

They help you to search for other related information by providing you with links. The search engines have reviewed links as a popular scheme and given importance on the web. A considerable amount of internal links signifying a specific page on your website will prove to Google that your page is crucial. Hence, the process of generating natural links is sincere and not inappropriate.

Therefore, internal links or links that create a relationship with the internal pages of the same domain work likewise your website. Employing the algorithms to assess the sites and pages based on the links they encounter. The engines have now perfected how they observe links. 

Expert, Authoritative, Trustworthy

E-A-T, an acronym for expert, authoritative, and trustworthy. It is a concept that holds a significant influence on Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

Engines perceive sites not exhibiting these features as lower quality. With the growing significance of determining user intent and the development of search engines, E-A-T is converting to a more prominent component. 

In the end, Google is taking such initiatives to render great importance to searchers.

Therefore, creating a site considering expertise, authenticity, and reliability should be the prime objective while practicing SEO; it will simplify results in a better site with a guarded future. Also, do check the webmaster guidelines for more recommendations and to avoid creating general links. 

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