YouTube SEO: How To Rank Your Videos From The Start To The End

YouTube SEO
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In the past, inbound marketing was never a priority. Marketers only focused on traditional means such as broadcast, direct mail, print, and telephone.

Today, this is not the case. Marketers have shifted to comprehensive strategies such as blogs, eBooks, podcasts, and videos.

The last option, videos, continues to increase steadily, especially when you talk of YouTube videos. In 2018, 45% of marketers invested in YouTube more than any other channel available to them.

With the millions of YouTube videos posted annually, you may want your videos to show up first. YouTube has an algorithm that ranks videos that look into many factors.

So how do you ensure your videos appear first? It all starts with applying the search engine optimization (SEO) rules. That said, I’m here to help you.

In this blog post, I examine some of the best SEO rules and practices that will help you in the management of your YouTube content. Let’s start with the definition.


YouTube SEO

 What Is YouTube SEO?

Simply put, YouTube SEO is a process that involves the optimization of your YouTube channel, playlists, and videos to rank high in the search option of a given query.

The process involves several tasks, such as optimizing our meta and video descriptions, adding captions to videos, and ensuring that you use the right keywords.

If you follow the instructions correctly, YouTube SEO will help rank your videos at the top of search pages. Top ranking helps in increasing brand awareness, views, traffic, and revenue.


How YouTube’s Search Engine Algorithm Works?

YouTube uses a ranking algorithm to determine how content ranks. Although the algorithms are not well defined, below are some of the things you need to know about ranking videos:

YouTube’s Search Engine Algorithm
YouTube’s Search Engine Algorithm

• All videos are ranked based on their relevancy

• The reward focuses on video engagement and not clicks

• The ranks take into consideration the meta descriptions match the interests of the user

• The ranks consider how many specific users have watched the video

• The ranks consider the users watching history

• It considers the total number of subscribers

• The ranks consider the view velocity, which refers to the number of subscribers that watch the video immediately after it is published

The above factors ensure that there is a high engagement between the YouTube marketers and the viewers. The more the videos are posted on the platform, the more ads are shown and more money for Alphabet Inc.

So the bottom line is, if you are unable to engage your audience on YouTube, your chances of being ranked highly are close to none.

To this end, I have talked enough about how the Search Engine Algorithm. It is time to look at how to conduct YouTube SEO systematically.


Steps To YouTube SEO

It is good to know that YouTube SEO is not rocket science. Nonetheless, you need to follow a certain proven procedure for you to make it. Here are the set out steps you must follow:

Step 1: Finding The Right Keywords

The Search Engine Optimization process begins at the video keyword research stage. Now let us learn how to identify the right keywords.

YouTube Keyword Search

The first step of Keyword Research involves generating a list of potential words. Then from there, pop the word or phrase at the search section.

YouTube will list down a bunch of words that are related to what you typed in.

The suggested keywords will guide you to select the correct terms. How? These terms are used severally, hence they are popular. If YouTube suggests any words to you, use them.

YouTube Search Engine
YouTube Search Engine

You can also copy keywords from a popular video. There are high chances that the video acquired many views from the popular keyword.

To execute this stage, look for another channel within your niche and sort the videos by selecting the most popular. Once you identify it, create a video around it. Finally, choose the keywords the video is optimized around and copy that.

You can also search the keywords used in the title, description, and video tags.

Keyword in Title and Description
Keyword in Title and Description

To quickly check them, I recommend the VidIQ Chrome extension. It clearly shows the video tags on the page. Once you identify the video tag, copy it. 

VidIQ Extension
VidIQ Extension

You can also search for the right keywords on the YouTube Traffic Source search report. The Traffic Source Report will enable you to find a unique word that you would have never seen using a different strategy.

It is possible to find a unique word because people are already searching for that name on YouTube. After you generate a list of keywords, you can now select the best one from the list.


Use Low Competition Keywords

In particular, you need to target low competition words. Using low keywords is specifically crucial if you don’t have many subscribers.

If you settle for competitive keywords, your video might get buried in the results. Therefore, you need to settle for keywords that don’t have much competition.

So how do you ensure that the word doesn’t have extra competition? All you are expected to do is search the keyword on Google, then wait for the results. The results represent the number of video content on that topic.

The higher the number of results, the more competitive the word is. Make sure you target keywords with lower results.

Nonetheless, we will not advise you on the specific number of words you should use. Settle for keywords that have lower competition in your niche. For instance, if you search for the term YouTube SEO, you will receive 6,15,00,000 results.

Results ofYouTube SEO on Google
Results of YouTube SEO on Google

That’s a huge number! For a new member, I advise you to try other words such as “YouTube ranking factors.” The keyword will only produce 11,10,000 results. The smaller number of results clearly shows that the phrase is less competitive.

Results of YouTube Ranking Factors on Google
Results of YouTube Ranking Factors on Google

We also have a bonus tip to share: You can also search for your word on Google. Here is how. Not all views come from YouTube’s platform; others receive views by being ranked on Google.

The trick is to ensure that your videos are optimized around keywords on Google.

Well, you see, the Google platform only incorporates videos in the search result for specific keywords. Some of these keywords include Tutorials (“setting up a Facebook page”) or Funny videos (“Cute cats”)

Optimizing your videos around Google keywords is essential. If you don’t have Google results on Google, you will only get traffic on YouTube. However, if you optimize your video around a Google keyword, you will get traffic from both ends.

Once you have identified the keyword, wait to see if there is a search volume for that word. If the word has less volume, you might only end up with 20 searches.

Of course, this is not worth it, considering the amount of money and work that goes into it. 

Settle on a keyword that gets 100 to 1000 searches in a month. To understand this process further, find more information using the Google Keyword Planner.


Step 2: Identify Search Intent

Now that you have settled on a keyword, you need to identify the search intent. The search intent refers to the main reason why a person searches for something on the search engine.

In most cases, search engines work best in determining that for you.

Just type the keywords on the YouTube search engine and analyze what the top results will talk about.

Instead of searching for a new intent, settle for the top 3. It’s advisable to do this anonymously and using a VPN within your location. For example, if you are in Canada, use a US IP. 

Top 3 Search Intents
Top 3 Search Intents


Step 3: Satisfy Search Intent With A High-Retention Video

You can gauge the viewer’s satisfaction by the number of comments, high ranking, likes, and shares on YouTube. YouTube aims at:

• Helping viewers find the best videos they are looking to watch

• Maximize viewer satisfaction

Therefore, your objective as a content creator is to produce a video that can easily engage and retain an audience. Below is a guideline on how to maintain your viewers:

Plan The Videos Before You Create Them

When creating videos, the last thing you need is to ask your audience to pause and wait because you have made a wrong move.

Planning your videos enables you to ensure that your ideas are concise and also allows you to include keywords in them. It is easy to create videos when you know what you are making and who you are creating it for.


Start With A Strong Hook

The most crucial minutes of a YouTube video are the first 10 to 15 seconds. Hook your viewers, and you will retain them. If you forego the hook, you will lose the viewers before you deliver any value.

Unfortunately, every niche is different; hence we don’t have a single formula that works for everybody, but we will propose three components that can guide you. They include:


Everyone seeks to be understood. Therefore, the best way to grab someone’s attention is to show them they are not alone. So how well can you relate with your audience?

Start the engagement with a rhetorical question that you suspect the viewer might have himself. Of course, you cannot see your audience behind your camera, but your aim is to get a nod of approval from the audience.

Also, ensure that you focus on real-life scenarios and connect them to the topic of the video. Whether your target is the B2B or B2C audience, always remember there is a person on the opposite side of the screen.

Identify The Problem

Now let me explain this with the most straightforward words. When a viewer searches for a keyword, what are they looking to address?

Yes, you guessed it right. It’s often their problem. So if they are looking to solve a problem, list the possible solutions to attract some retention on your page.


Finally, give your audience a reason to stick around.

For example, you can use a question similar to this: Are you looking for more traffic on your YouTube channel to earn more income? Click this video to find out how.

Now, who doesn’t want additional traffic or who doesn’t want to earn more? Everyone needs more money.

Give proposals that will enable the viewers to know that they are watching the right content. In the end, you will retain the viewers. 


Ask The Viewers To Like, Comment, And Subscribe

Most content creators ask for comments and likes at the end of a video. However, you need to understand that most of the viewers don’t watch the entire video. Therefore, you need to ask for the engagement without necessarily sounding needy.

For instance, if you are talking about creating content, you will say, “I won’t dig further into short videos, but you can leave a comment if you want to hear more on the topic in a future video.”

Such questions and requests boost engagement metrics. Eventually, your subscribers will leave a comment.


Edit Your Videos Strategically

Human beings have a short attention span. Hence, if your content focuses on screen casts alone, they will quickly get bored. To avoid this, you need to edit your videos correctly.

Below are some of the tips to follow to ensure that our videos flow correctly.

Add Jump Cuts

Well, a jump cut refers to a transition between two video shots in one position.

It creates the effect of jumping a scene, hence its name “jump cut.” Jump cuts add dynamics to a video and help ensure that mistakes are polished.

Ensure That You Get Rid Of The Gaps In Your Main Scenes

Identifying these gaps helps you identify missing information. To retain your audience, you need to ensure that the gaps are small by filling them with b-roll, custom animations, and text screens.

Nonetheless, always ensure that you only use these gaps in areas that make sense.

Draw Your Audience’s Attention With Clear Photos

For a start, add visual effects to guide the eyes of the viewer. Some viewers may know where to look without visual effects, but others have no idea.

In other cases, we can use custom animals, objects, and shapes to illustrate.

Other times, we’ll use shapes, objects, or custom animations to demonstrate our point. Further, adding sound effects to the video content can help in attracting the viewer’s attention.

Entertain The Audience With Narratives And Stories

YouTube is created as an entertainment platform. However, it isn’t easy to entertain people.

For instance, if I started a video in a Halloween costume and talked about corporate meetings, would you continue watching for an extra minute? Of course, you wouldn’t!

Therefore, if our primary goal is to teach about corporate meetings, let us try to create impact without putting in a lot of effort.

Despite the industry you are in, I am sure that there are ways to make your videos enjoyable.


Create Honest Feedback Loops

To create great videos, ask for feedback. The first feedback should come from within the team. It may be in the form of additional ideas, an agreement, or a strong disagreement.

After you have received the feedback, make the necessary amendments.

The main lesson here is that your first draft should not be your final draft. Look for people who can give you honest feedback. Also, don’t get offended. Instead, use your feedback to achieve better results.


Step 4: YouTube Video Optimization

Successful YouTube Video Optimization boils to 4 things. They include The Description, Tags, Titles, and Thumbnails – the four help guide creating content and influence the click-through-rates (CTR).

By now, we all know that the more clicks you gain, the more views you receive.

Three years ago, YouTube launched Beta Studio, a new analytics platform.

Through this forum, a new metric, ‘the click-through rate,’ was incorporated. To accentuate the importance of CTR, YouTube pushes content creators to improve their CTR in every video.

Moreover, increased click-through-rates increase the chances of YouTube suggesting your content to an audience outside your organic search. According to YouTube, below are the top practices to craft excellent videos.

Describe Your Video With Focus Keyword

Again, I cannot emphasize enough to you the importance of using relevant keywords. For every video, always ensure that the keywords are accurate and not disproportionate.

According to Briggsby’s study, 90% of top ranking videos focus on keywords in their titles.  

Focus Keyword in Title
Focus Keyword in Title

But how do you come up with the “best focus” keywords?

For a start, click through the ranking videos and read their descriptions. From the description, identify the common keywords they use.

However, if the creators have foregone the description, use that as a chance to outrank them.

You can also use a research tool. Some of the most recommended tools include Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends. You can use Site Explorer to identify relevant keywords.

Below are the steps you should follow:

• Search for the keyword on Google

• Copy the top ranking URL and paste it on the Site Explorer

• Then move to the organic keywords report; this clearly shows all the page ranks’ keywords.

From this stage, you only need to skim keyword reports and pick phrases relevant to the video.

However, remember not to stuff the keywords. Only use what makes sense.


Interesting Title

There is more to describing a YouTube video with focus keywords.

Always ensure that your titles are also concise with upfront information. Moreover, the titles should be catchy to evoke curiosity.

Interesting Title
Interesting Title

Let’s look at an example of some of the angles you can take for a title:

• Tie your shoelaces with the 007 technique

• Three-year-old teaching you to tie laces

• Tie a tie in 10 seconds

Simply put, make sure that your titles are interesting to stand out in competitive landscapes.


YouTube Tags

The primary role of YouTube tags is to help rank your videos in the search engine and suggested option. And how does YouTube do this?

It simplifies this by recommending phrases and keywords that describe your video.

YouTube Tags
YouTube Tags

At this stage, you have already researched the keywords and optimized your title; hence, this will be very straightforward.

I also recommend using tools like TubeBuddy or VidlQ to identify the best tags for competing videos.


Attractive Thumbnail

Why is a thumbnail important? Well, it is the first thing that appears on your screen before you click on a video. Most content creators believe it is the hardest thing that you can implement.

So how does a thumbnail look like? In most cases, the thumbnail describes 91% of the video.

However, the thumbnail is not limited to the description of the video. You can also get inspiration from the items around you and create something.

Nonetheless, if you are stuck, you can draw ideas from stock photos or even Google images. Also, a search conducted on Adobe Stock can suggest some images.



Most content creators are sure that YouTube reads closed files to understand the context of the video. After which, YouTube creates a transcription file that identifies the words.

We all know that YouTube is a global application; hence, viewers come from all parts of the world. With a worldwide audience, you might not speak the native language of your viewers.

If your videos are unscripted, then you don’t need to worry. Just click on your video and select the Subtitles tab.


If you habitually go off script, I recommend using the ‘Transcribe and auto-sync tab.’ With this option; you only need to copy and paste your spoken words and match them with the written ones.

Once you submit your file, it will sync automatically with your voice. However, remember to watch the video again to ensure everything is correctly done.



On average, 67% of YouTube viewers watch content away from their home area. Therefore, to grow your audience, create videos that are accessible in other languages.

It is important to note that with translated content:

• You can quickly increase your video coverage. When translated titles show up in YouTube search engine, they attract viewers who use other languages.

• You can attract viewers who speak another language

• You can also attract viewers in loud environments or deaf viewers

You can use two options for translations:

• Provide your descriptions – This is easy. The process only requires you to add the translated titles to the video.

• Adopt automatic captions You can use speech recognition technology to ensure that your captions are added to the video.



Are YouTube cards important? Yes, content creators use them as an interactive feature that inspires viewers to take the following actions:

Benefits of Cards
Benefits of Cards

• Watch an additional playlist or video

• Identify another channel

• Donate to deserving people

• Give feedback

• Visit another page

To insert a card, first select the card you are looking to use, then select the most appropriate option (i.e., can be a playlist or video).


After choosing the best option, please select the best timecode you expect it to trigger.

Immediately the viewer taps on the timecode option, the video’s title will appear as a suggestion.

As soon as the viewer clicks on the info icon, they can decide whether to watch the suggested video. You should, however, ensure that you only add relevant cards instead of stuffing many irrelevant cards.


End Screens

They are similar to cards. Their primary role is to maintain viewers on the platform.

Have you noted the pattern? As soon as the viewer finishes viewing the video, the end screen suggests the following video.

These screens are essential; they can play a significant role in getting you new subscribers and ensuring that viewers consume your content.

You only need to bake them into your video during the editing stage.

End Screen
End Screen


Step 5: Publish And Promote Your Video

Now, here is the truth: If you need people to watch your videos, you need to produce and promote your videos correctly.

If the videos are imperfect, nobody will watch them, no matter how well they are optimized. I will disclose some of the tips you should adhere to as you publish and promote your videos.

Find The Best Time To Publish Your Video

From experience, the best time to publish your videos is when the audience is watching. You can only pinpoint these peak points by monitoring reports. Although this will change on a day-to-day basis, try to observe the patterns.

For example, after monitoring my time analytics, I realized that most of my views pick on weekends in the afternoon. I also realized that I hadviews on weekdays in the evening.

So I started posting in the evening, and on weekends, it is working for me. The most important lesson about this is if you publish at the best time, you will have the opportunity to maximize the views.

If you cannot build some views, then try the following time slots as directed by Frederator Networks.

Publishing videos at the right time will help you focus on building an audience and also adjust your publish times based on audience data. 


Encourage Audience To Comment

Let me pose a simple question to you. Have you ever commented in a video? Well, if you did, what prompted you to comment?

Most probably, it was because you loved the video. Now, you need to know that comments are critical.

When viewers leave comments, they are not only making you proud; they are simply telling you they love your content.

Consequently, keep encouraging them to comment. Below are some of the best methods you can use:

Methods To Encourage Audience To Comment
Methods To Encourage Audience To Comment

• Don’t tell them to comment; make them want to do it – For example, you can request your audience to share their experiences or advice regarding your content.

• Ensure that the video accomplishes a goal – The goal doesn’t have to be elaborated extensively. As long as the video makes the viewer smile or teaches the viewer a new thing, it has accomplished a goal.

• End the video with a high note – The end of the video is significant. It enables the watcher to decide whether to comment or not.

To encourage them to comment, ensure that they feel great. You can do this by ending with encouragement. For example, if they need to lose weight, tell them you are confident they will achieve it.

• Respond to the comments – Ensure you respond to new comments or insert a heart to show gratitude to your commenter.

According to statistics, viewers who receive a heart are very likely to subscribe to a YouTube channel. Further, respond to all comments regardless of the period when you posted the video online.


Promoting The Video To Existing Audience

Use your other platforms to promote your videos. For instance, you can make good use of:


Besides optimizing your videos, you can also send emails to your subscribers informing them about your new videos.

I recommend that you push a notification a few hours before posting your video to avoid disrupting customers. Remember to insert the YouTube link in the newsletter.

Social Media

Use other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, to push clients to watch the video.

The best way to use social media is by publishing a short snippet of the video as a teaser and adding the full link to the video.


Promoting The Video When You Don’t Have An Audience

Well, if you are new a new participant in YouTube content creation, you will need to work harder. However, you don’t need to get discouraged.

I have outlined some of the things you need do to promote your video. Here are a few more tips you can use:

Mention Your Video On Quora And Other Q&A Sites

The best thing about this forum is that it is easy to use. The procedure goes like this:

• Look for a question to answer

• Give your answer

• Embed your video in a place that supports your content

To make your work easier, search for questions using the Quora native search, or you can use the Site Explorer keywords report.

Just type a general word that is related to your content on the search box, then filter for the most relevant results. 

Then post content that answers the posted query and structure your video within to suit your answers.

Link To Your Video In Your Email Signature

People who email you like you. I am sure you receive a ton of emails when you log into your address. It’s high time you take advantage of that. Are you wondering how?

Well, let me share a secret. All you need to do is add a link to your content at the email signature. As soon as you do that, wait for the pipeline of viewers who will watch your content.

Embed Your Videos In Blog Posts

Every time you draft a blog post (either on your sight or on a new site), think of where you can embed your YouTube video.

YouTube Video In Blog Post
YouTube Video In Blog Post

For example, if the guide is about baking a well-decorated cake, embed a video to show how the strategy works. Embedding the video will ensure that your video receives quality views.

Use Playlists

I bet it isn’t the first time you have heard about playlists. If you are promoting your videos among a new audience, use playlists.

The best thing about playlists is they automatically play, and this can lead to extra views in a month. The steps below show how you set up the playlist:

Steps To Create A Playlist
Steps To Create A Playlist

• Revisit all your videos

• Pinpoint 4-5 videos that have a similar theme

• Create a playlist that incorporates all the videos

• Lastly, include the playlist on your YouTube page

• Repeat the process until you achieve three playlists


Are you looking for a fast way to get new subscribers? Then you should consider collaborations. If you create great content, then you should forge good relationships with video producers in your space.

The collaboration will enable you to access the audience of the other YouTube. Below are the steps you should follow:

• Search for a channel that is similar to yours

• Ask the other content creator to collaborate

• Create videos that you can post on each other’s channel

• Request your audience to subscribe to the other person channel

However, if you have a small audience, you might experience some difficulties trying to convince other content creators to air their content on your channel. Nonetheless, don’t give up; just get creative. 

For instance, if your channel focuses on repairing electronics, you can contact a popular you tuber and offer them content on how to tear down the latest version of a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Now that you can’t add subscribers to their channel, you can provide some unique content to retain their subscribers.

Always remember you have the content while they have the audience. Use this point as leverage during your pitch session.

Pay For YouTube Ads

Ads On YouTube
Ads On YouTube

Money is a great life motivator. You can also use it to motivate viewers by buying them.

All you have to do is to set up some ads on your videos to earn a subscription.

As your subscribers increase, they will receive a notification of your videos, and they will be prompted to view the content.  Any viewing will help fast-track your growth.


Step 6: Magnetize Watchers With Your Videos

As I had mentioned earlier, audience retention is fundamental. It is a clear indication that people love your content and hence will always watch to the end.

When you have high audience retention, YouTube sends you a signal stating that your videos are great.

Due to this, your videos will likely appear on the search tabs. So, how do you maintain high audience retention?

It is easy. Entertain your audience! Below are some tips on how to engage your audience:

Let Watchers Know They’re In The Right Place

At the beginning of the video, let viewers have a snippet of everything you will cover. For example, if the video is about ten steps of baking a cake, tell them to watch the entire video to the last minute.


Skip The Long Intro

When viewers click on a video, they are interested in some specific information. They are not interested in your health.

Neither are they interested in how you are feeling that day. Therefore, just solve the problem, answer their questions or entertain the viewers.


Keep Watchers Curious

Always invoke curiosity among your viewers. For instance, in the middle of the video, give a foretaste of what will come later. For example, you can say, in 2 minutes, I will share the secret ingredient.


Do Not Publish Short Videos

With the YouTube algorithm in mind, I recommend that you publish long but exciting videos. It is important to note that YouTube tends to suggest videos that have a longer watch time.

This way, your viewers will learn more about the videos and eventually become magnetized.


Step 7: Optimized YouTube Channel

In the future, your YouTube channel might become the most visited. Hence, it is always worth optimizing your channel.

Most people will advise you to optimize your channel by including essential information at the top. But I recommend the following four options:

Links Building To Your YouTube Channel

For a start, you need to understand that you can do link building through two places. They include:

• Your channel It allows you to create links on your social profiles and website

• Inside the description This applies to uploaded videos

The process is easy. To start, create a profile. Then fill it out with information about yourself. Then take time to link it to other social media platforms.

The second option is more complex. It involves uploading original and well-branded videos on YouTube then placing actual links on the first line of an uploaded video. 

These links have a lot of value because it points out to your other related pages eventually creating traffic.


Featured Video(s)

Most content creators opt to use channel trailers. But I don’t advocate for that. We tried to use it, and it failed.

I recommend the use of on-page optimization; it is more relevant to the audience. It is also more relevant to YouTube subscribers, meaning people repeatedly get notified and keep watching our videos.


Eye Catching Playlists


When subscribers watch an eye-catching playlist, they can curate the content into categories. That way, the viewer can easily access the right content.

Secondly, catching playlists enable viewers to increase the watch time. How is this possible?

The playlist will automatically play all the listed videos. Thirdly, catching playlists can rank keywords that your viewers are searching for with ease.


Create ‘About’ Tab

The ‘About’ tab is used to communicate to your viewers about the business and yourself. You can include an email address or other social networks that you are active for viewers to contact you.

Viewers also use the tab to view statistics on your channel, such as the total count, date of channel creation, and the number of subscribers.


Step 8: Post Video Analysis And Optimization

Unfortunately, you cannot edit a video once it has been posted. So, the only way you can grow your channel is by receiving data from your video and learning what mistakes to avoid in the future. So how is it done?

Analyze Your Audience Retention Graphs

The steps to analyze audience retention graphs include:

Go to the YouTube Analytics section

Select the video you are looking to optimize

Select the Audience Retention option. If you follow the above steps, you will view the average view duration and the audience retention graph.

The Audience Retention Graph

The graph displays all the captured views in every second of the video. The retention graph provides data in percentage form.

The best thing about the audience retention graph is that it enables you to identify the most popular parts of the videos.

Moreover, if you have been engaging your viewers, you will see a gradual curve. You will also notice some bumps on the graph, which are commonly referred to as “True Engagement.” It is a good thing.

Click on the bumps and move to the part where people are highly engaged. Try to untangle why most people watched that part or put in the effort to re-watch it.

Learn from the hints and try them in the future to make your videos more engaging. Also, use the graph to identify drop-off points. Use them to evaluate why people stopped watching the video.


Check If You Satisfied Search Intent

You can use the search intent to analyze your video. All you need to do is follow the below steps:

• Click on the Beta Studio Option

• Select the video

• Click on the analytics

• Reach the Viewers Tab

• Click the Traffic Source, then search

Steps To Analyze Your Video
Steps To Analyze Your Video

Suppose your keyword produces a high view duration, then good on you. Benchmark all these data against the average view to ensure that you are on the right track.

If your rank for the keywords is low, you will need to create videos from a new angle.


Step 9: Optimize For Session Watch Time

What is session watch time?

The term refers to the entire amount of time used by viewers to watch a video without exiting. The term session watch time was included as a ranking factor by YouTube in 2012.

The key benefits of increasing YouTube session watch time include:

• It ensures that the viewers watch the content for a longer time

• It allows your channel to receive additional suggestions and views

Is it possible to increase the session time? Yes. You only need to follow the below strategies:

Create A Series

I recommend that you start with five videos. When you are creating a series, select topics that are related to each other. So that when viewers watch one video, they can easily find another video on the series.

Create A Series
Create A Series

A series is vital for a strategic perspective because it enables you to easily link on the previous and next videos through the YouTube cards, end screens, and links.

You can also create a series from another platform, such as a blog. This way, your other audience is also able to view your YouTube channel. 


Use My Channel Page Hack

When creating content, it is always essential to ensure that the vital things are placed at the top. I recommend that you:

Make A Featured Video

If you look at your YouTube channel, you will realize that it includes all your uploaded videos and playlists accompanied by a description of the company.

However, the main element that influences viewers to visit your channel is the featured video that plays spontaneously. For that reason, you should use your best content as the featured video.

The video might be a recent upload with essential updates or a welcome message from the channel owner.

To Make A Featured Video

Steps To Make A Featured Video
Steps To Make A Featured Video

• Click on the YouTube channel’s name, then click on the “My Channel” tab to open your page

• Click the “Featured” tab to open the tab

• Click on the Add tab and open your featured video. If you already uploaded a featured video, click on the “Edit” link to open the video panel.

• Go through the list of uploaded videos. Then click a video’s thumbnail and set it as a default video.

• Finally, click the tab “Apply”

Add A Playlist

The main goal of most content creators is to retain viewers as much as possible. 

Add Playlist
Add Playlist

As soon as your channel is customized, you can add several options such as single videos, playlists, and popular videos.

If you decide to use a playlist, your viewers will have the option of selecting your other suggested topics.

When your viewers click on the videos, they heighten the chances of watching the remaining part of the series. I also believe that it increases your session watch time.


Use Series Playlists

As I had mentioned earlier, playlist comprises videos that play in order. Using a playlist enables YouTube to suggest the following video. This way, you increase your chances of getting to the next spot.

Use Series Playlists
Use Series Playlists

Final Thoughts

Optimizing videos isn’t hard; the challenging part is ensuring your audience is engaged.

Follow the above processes and tips to ensure your audience loves, is glued to the screen (watches), and comments on your videos. If you adhere to the procedures, you will see excellent results.

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