What Is The Right Time For Doing A Content Audit For SEO?

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The content of your website requires the same maintenance as your website needs, and you should timely update and audit the content of your website for better ranking and success. Although your content is acceptable and does not require anything to do, you should audit your content to get further benefits.

Content Audit

But what is the ideal time for a content audit? Through the article, you will understand when you should do the Audit of your content. But before knowing the right time, you should know what the content audit means. So, let’s dive into the article and discover more.

What Does Content Audit Mean?

Content Audit refers to the overall analysis of the website’s content, i.e., from quantitative and qualitative perspectives. Through this, you will understand what is lacking in your content and what you should add more. 

What is Content Audit

The main problem that most people need help with is readability. Auditing your content regularly will help you find ways to optimize your website’s content and discover more opportunities.

What’s The Right Time For Auditing The Content?

Now that you understand a content audit and its importance, you should also know the right time to do it. Here is when you should do a content audit:-

When The Content Is Outmoded

Content Outmoded

Your search engine only shows new, relevant, and fresh content, so you should update your website’s content timely. Also, your content should be relevant and include proper keywords. Instead of developing new content from the start, you can also update the existing content which lacks the target keyword

When The Traffic Of The Website Decreases

Website traffic

Sometimes due to your content, your website’s organic traffic also decreases. A significant loss in traffic will also harm your business. Take a look at the GSC, i.e., Google Search Console, and check out for the issue that might cause the decrease in the website’s traffic.  

When You Get A New Service Or Product In The Market

New product

People who see your content know about your company’s services and products. So whenever you add a new service or product, you should audit your website’s content because they will only be aware of its new launches. 

When Your Competitors Overstep You

Sometimes there is a phase when your competitors beat you on the same keyword and rank better than you. This can be because of the content audit and their research. It would be best if you did the proper Audit of your content and then used the tools like Semrush and Ahrefs to run the same Audit for the competitor. 

When You Are Migrating Your Website

Website Migration

You might experience a change in the subfolder or subdomain when you migrate your website from an existing server to a new one. Whenever you do so, you should audit your website’s content. But before this, you should also plan what you will do. A content audit will help you eliminate unimportant content and organize yourself. 


Content Audit is a part of your content strategy, and you should put your efforts into this. Your content should be at most 2 years old, and you should audit it before the time. Also, you should audit the existing content whenever you add a new product or service. 

Either create new content or make some changes to the existing one. You are recommended to do an annual evaluation of your website so you will be aware of its contents and the necessary changes to be made. 


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