Everything You Need To Know About Google’s November Spam Update

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After eight days of work, Google’s November Spam Update has arrived. 

Google has been rolling out a ‘November Spam Update’ since 3rd November. And after eight days it is finished. Earlier, Google did mention that this Google search algorithm update might take a week.

googles november spam update
Google November spam update

“As part of our regular work to improve results, we’ve released a spam update to our systems. This November 2021 spam update should be fully rolled out within a week. We encourage sites to follow our best practices for Search,”

Google’s Twitter page announced this on 3rd November. 

Later on, 11th November, Google made another short conformational tweet saying: 

“This update is complete.”

What Is The Update About?

This update is about the spamming side of search results. Spam updates are intriguing because of some guidelines violations

Google didn’t confirm any context of the spam update with links or content. They just said that it is related to spam. But, they did give some hint that this update might be related more so to content spamming. 

Effect Of The November Spam Update

There was chatter about changes in ranking since the beginning of the rollout of Google’s November spam update. Some people have seen the effect of the update and claim not to have any spammy behavior on the search engine. 

There isn’t much of a toll on the charts too. No doubt, for a core update, tracking tools show huge fluctuations. But, tracking tools are acting normal as they should be for a spam update, considering significant sites don’t partake in spamming for ranking.

So, tools aren’t showing many fluctuations. Except, a few tools like Semrush, but that isn’t impressive either. 

Talking of chatter, many discussions are going on in WebmasterWorld and Black Hat World about the hit of the update taken by some forums. 

Here’s A Glimpse Of The Chatter: 

So with this new spam update, our vertical got a complete reorder (besides the fact that Amazon and some big resellers didn’t move).

But what we see is that all midrange sellers or focused resellers got hit very hard.

And this could be because of this: We are in very similar and very vertical items. And we have a lot of items to sell.

At the moment, I have to say that in my widget sector, I am not seeing a lot of spam; the SERPs are pretty clean, obviously the annoying Pinterest type of site, but I can understand their value for those seeking inspiration.

A couple of my sites also took a dip.

My sites have been bouncing around. Some keywords are up big, and others are down big.

USA traffic drops off a cliff every morning at ~9 am, and it takes the entire day to break even if I break even at all.

My ranking is stuck at a dismally low level, except for local Search. It seems that the more Google shows me in the local results, the more I drop in organic for that Search. I am getting more traffic from my local area and much less from everywhere else in the country. That is horrible for my business since I generally sell more outside my local area than in my local area for many years now.

There was more chatter and some shares on social platforms like Twitter. 

People noticed that spam updates impacted the spam content with injected links to a greater extent. Many people noticed the effect of the update and aren’t exactly aware of the reasons because Google did not give any specific information about the update.

google rankings
Google rankings

So, you’ve only experienced the impact of the update if you were performing spam in your contents or links. Check your ranking for the past week, and if you see any drop, this spam update might have affected you too. 

Google’s Danny Sullivan also posted a tweet saying they might come up with more updates, core updates, or other updates. 

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