Google Knowledge Panel Shows The Wrong Man As Serial Killer

google knowledge panel
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An innocent man faces a problem in a Google Knowledge Panel depicting a known serial murderer and rapist.

This report sparked a lot of discussion on Hacker News. The subject of the false photos published a blog entry on Google’s dubious Knowledge Panel.

Google Knowledge Panel Shows The Wrong Man As Serial Killer

According to the Google Knowledge Panel, the notorious Bulgarian rapist and serial murderer between 1974 and 1980, Hristo Bogdanov Georgiev, commonly known as the Sadist, murdered five persons, primarily women.

The Knowledge Panel can instantly lookup an entity (a person, a place, or a thing). A reputed website such as Wikipedia is a significant source of celebrity information. Google may even contact authoritative websites directly to include their information in search results.

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The Google Knowledge Panel Isn’t Perfect

Data from Google Wisdom Panel seems less thoroughly processed. The Google Wisdom Panels support “pictures from many sources presented in the Wisdom Panel.’

Sources are people who have asked for their information and picked an image from internet pictures.

Additional photographs are a sample of the findings of Google Images on the whole website (particularly when there is a collection of numerous images).

“There is an apparent absence of quality control on the fact that Google utilizes photographs across the whole website. Photos are mixed. The serial murderer and the innocent man on the Knowledge Panel are both Bulgarian. However, the innocent person lives and works in Switzerland.

The algorithm is wrong with the image of the serial murderer by an innocent guy since the names are similar. Both of them were from Bulgaria. It may probably correspond to a naming search based on this. The system concluded

Falsely Accused Innocent Man Tweets

In his blog post, Hristo Georgiev informed him that he was emailed to Google in the Knowledge Graphs, a picture of his face for a search query on an infamous Bulgarian serial murderer. ” It quickly opened its browser, Google opened it, and it typed its colleague’s name.”

Next to the Bulgarian serial murderer’s description, this photo appeared.” Then he tweeted about it.” Google seems to have mislinked a picture of him to the serial murderers on the Wikipedia entry.

He can’t determine if it’s funny or dreadful.” The innocent man thought he was the victim of a prank at first. He was confused why this had occurred to him because his name is so popular.

“It’s not his name at all; hundreds of others are of the same name, and yet his photo was finally a serial murderer.”

“They’re the only ones.” It was a great example of a bogus report by the inaccurate information panel against Google.

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So, this is how Google’s knowledge panel went wrong with its algorithm and ended up showing an innocent man as a rapist and serial killer. Hope this write-up was informative to you! 🙂

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