Ex-Googler Answers – Why Google Search Is Getting Worse

google search is getting worse
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In a recent episode of the Freakonomics podcast, Marissa Mayer, a former executive at Google, addressed whether or not Google Search is getting worse. And we all agree with what she says.

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A Little Background On Marissa Mayer And Why Her Opinion Matters

One of the most critical individuals behind Google’s growth is Marissa Mayer. Being worker no. 20 at the search engine company, she oversaw many of Google’s engineers. Moreover, Marissa was also one of the legendary 3 people responsible for Google AdWords. On top of that, she was also accountable for Gmail, Photos, Information, and Maps assignments.

Where is she now?

She resigned from Google to take the helm at Yahoo! For over 5 years, she has served as the CEO.

marissa mayer

She went on the Freakonomics Podcast to speak about Google and how it is getting comparatively worse.

Her Analysis

According to Marissa Mayer’s investigation, it could be clearer-cut to determine whether or not Google Search is growing worse. The issue lies not with Google but with the internet itself. Marissa Mayer argued that the quality of search results on the internet is getting worse. It is challenging for search engines to continuously deliver high-quality results due to the complexity of the internet and the difficulties it poses.

Spam and online manipulation can make it more difficult for people to locate the necessary information. Even if there is space for improvement, it is crucial to acknowledge the difficulties that the task entails and the efforts with them.

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Google Is Not The Only One At Fault

Mayer says that the question needs to be revised and that the issue lies not with Google but with the internet itself.

google search getting worse

The overwhelming amount of information found on the internet has made it harder for search engines to deliver relevant and accurate results. With billions of websites and pieces of content adds to the internet daily, it is becoming increasingly challenging for algorithms to sift through and prioritize the most valuable information.

The Internet Is Getting Worse As We Speak

Furthermore, she pointed out that the quality of information available on the internet varies greatly. While some websites and sources are trustworthy and thoroughly researched, others are slanted, wrong, or false. This makes it difficult for search engines to distinguish between high-quality and low-quality content and can lead to the proliferation of misinformation.

There’s So Much More Misinformation

Mayer also brought up the problem of spam and online manipulation. This can skew search results and make it more difficult for people to locate the needed information. Many websites manipulate their search engine rankings using keyword stuffing and link farming, and this can give users results that could be of better quality.

internet getting worse

Mayer says that the issue of declining search quality is not a problem that can be easily solved. It requires a combination of better algorithms and more reliable sources of information. Overall, more effective measures must be taken to combat spam and manipulation. While Google has attempted to address these issues, the sheer scale of the internet makes it a constant challenge.

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Thus, this article on Google Search is getting worse would have been clear to you. Through this article, you get to know where the problem lies, according to Marissa Mayer.

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